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FTM Price and Predictions

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The live update of Fantom (FTM) price currently sits at $0.23, which is close to its lowest value after taking off in early 2021. However, things seem to be taking off for the coin, as Fantom’s price has been on the rise for the past month. FTM price has gained 23.09% in the last month, but is down today by around 2.5%.

Fantom’s all-time high price was $3.48, a long way off its current price. Its total market cap at the moment is $696 million.

What is Fantom?

Fantom, as a project, is a decentralized blockchain network that offers open-source usability to its users. The network aims to stand out from the pack by offering a large set of features at an unparalleled price point.

The main idea behind Fantom relies on three important factors: Speed, Scalability, and Security. Moreover, it provides all that at costs that are much lower than its competition.

Typically, a blockchain network has to compromise on one of the three factors that we’ve discussed above. It’s quite difficult to have rapid transaction speeds, a secure network, and decentralized scalability all at once. However, Fantom makes it work with the help of its Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (aBFT) system, maximizing seamless efficiency for all Dapps and clients on its network.

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FTM price prediction for 2030

Fantom (FTM) price prediction for 2030 should be taken as just an estimate as to what the cryptocurrency’s price will be in a few years. It’s evident from the market’s precedent that there’s nothing guaranteed when it comes to crypto.

However, data can still be used to estimate a "ballpark" FTM price figure for the future. According to various sources, FTM's price could range from $5 to $30. If that's true, current holders could see an easy 10-100x return on their initial investment. But it could also go down the drain, as we saw with LUNA a few months ago. Make sure you research properly before spending a single dollar.

Where to buy Fantom (FTM) crypto?

There are numerous crypto exchanges where you can go to buy Fantom coins easily. We’ve listed some of the best options out there where you can carry out safe and quick transactions without much hassle.



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