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FTX Creditors Include Google, Apple, Netflix

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The lawyers for the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX filed a creditor matrix in the Bankruptcy Court of the US in Delaware District on 25 January. It is a detailed document that reveals all FTX creditors, including giants like Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and Coinbase.

The court document suggests that the fall of the FTX crypto exchange has affected firms from various domains. Besides crypto firms, the collapse has troubled several banks, hotels, airlines, media agencies, charity organisations, and others. In addition, a few government entities are among its creditors.

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Big names from the list of FTX creditors

The creditor matrix is a 115-page document that provides names and mailing addresses of creditors in alphabetical order.

It illustrates the extent of damage caused by the fall of FTX.

As per the document, the bankruptcy of crypto exchanges left a deep impact on the tech industry. The SBF firm is indebted to the tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, Twitter, Google, Netflix, LinkedIn, and many others.

In addition, media outlets, including big players like the New York Times, figure among its creditors.

In the Web3 sphere, the firm owes to companies like Coinbase, Yuga Labs, Galaxy Digital, Bittrex, Circle, Binance, and Chainalysis.

FTX bankruptcy case

Not long ago, the FTX exchange was one of the largest in the industry. However, in November 2022, the firm experienced a liquidity crunch as its FTT token crashed.

This prompted the firm to file for insolvency, and its founder SBF was arrested for financial laws violation.

Earlier, the firm's lawyers mentioned that it owes money to more than a million creditors. The rough estimates suggest that the firm owes more than $100 million to each of its top ten creditors. However, the recent creditor matrix did not provide the estimated amounts of each creditor.

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

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