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Gemini Crypto Review

gemini crypto review
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This Gemini crypto review will look at a regulated cryptocurrency trading platform, wallet, and custodian that makes buying bitcoin, ether, and other cryptocurrencies simple and secure.

Created by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the platform is among the most popular exchanges. The most significant advantage is its security - all funds are stored in cold storage, and two-factor authentication is required for all transactions.

A Gemini crypto review shows that the exchange makes it easy to buy cryptocurrencies with a bank account or debit card. It is also possible on this platform for you to trade cryptocurrencies.

The exchange offers a tier-based service with distinct interfaces and fee structures for casual investors and experienced traders.

It has its currency, the Gemini dollar, a mobile app, and a payment app. The Gemini dollar, unlike most cryptocurrencies, is a "stablecoin" tied to the US dollar.

Gemini crypto services

Gemini offers a variety of services apart from trading cryptos. The primary services provided are: Gemini Exchange: Here, you can buy, sell, and store cryptocurrencies.

Gemini Earn: This is a lending service where you can lend your crypto to institutional borrowers to earn interest. With this, you can get up to 8.05% interest on your cryptocurrencies. This is available only in the US, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Gemini Credit Card: It is possible to receive up to 3% rewards in crypto on your purchases using this card. This card is available only in the US.

The platform also includes more advanced services like an active trader, staking, Gemini dollar, Gemini Custody, Gemini Clearing, and Gemini Wallet.

How to use Gemini

Continuing our Gemini crypto review, we look at the mobile app and website. These are the two main places where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency on this exchange platform.

The steps to buying cryptocurrencies on the exchange are:

Firstly, create an account on the exchange platform.

To buy cryptocurrency, you'll need to fund your account after you've opened one and been verified. You can add funds to your account in various ways, including a debit card, a wire or bank transfer, and Apple Pay or Google Pay. After you've verified your account and linked a funding source, you'll be able to start buying cryptocurrency on the website in just a few steps.

Choose the cryptocurrency you want to purchase. After logging into the Gemini website, you'll be taken to the homepage. Navigate to the ‘Market’ tab to browse the 70+ cryptocurrencies available for purchase and sale. Choose ‘view details’ on the cryptocurrency you want to purchase.

Make your order. When you get to the page of the cryptocurrency you want to buy, you'll see much information about it. Begin filling out the fields under 'Make a Trade' on the right-side panel of the page.

Determine whether you want to place a one-time or recurring order and how much you want to purchase. You may, depending on your jurisdiction, be able to immediately transfer crypto you purchase directly into Gemini Earn by toggling 'Transfer to Earn' if the crypto is supported in Earn.

Select a payment method.

Double-check your order and click Confirm.

Choose one from the Market tab or your portfolio to sell your cryptocurrency on the exchange website. When you're on the price page for a cryptocurrency, you can toggle the sell order type on the right-side panel, enter the amount you want to sell, and click confirm.

Gemini trading charges

When you buy or sell crypto on Gemini, you'll be charged convenience and transaction fees. These fees apply whether you purchase through Gemini's online store or the mobile app. Both will be displayed as your "quoted price" before you complete your purchase.

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Convenience fee

The convenience fee for a given trade is approximately 0.5% of the Gemini market price. However, this can vary depending on the market. This fee is also reflected in the cryptocurrency you purchase. For example, if bitcoin (BTC) currently trades at $30,000 per unit, you'd pay $30,150 for one, including the fee.

Transaction fee

A transaction fee based on your trade payment will be added to the convenience fee. This fee is standard for crypto conversions, such as trading bitcoin for litecoin. The fee for buying and selling cryptocurrency varies depending on the currency used. It ranges from a flat fee for less pricey orders to a percentage of more expensive transactions.

Pros and Cons


More than 60 countries have access to the platform. It is also available to users in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


Gemini charges relatively high fees in comparison to its competitors. Some investors may be confused by the platform's layered fee structure, and high prices can reduce investors' returns.

Security features and safety

Unlike money in a bank account, money in cryptocurrency is not FDIC-insured. However, Gemini protects users' digital assets with multi-layered security measures highlighted on its website.

According to the exchange, the "majority" of your cryptocurrency is stored in an offline, cold storage system - the safest way to safeguard cryptocurrency from hackers. However, a small portion is kept in an online hot wallet protected from theft due to a security breach, hack, fraudulent transfer, or employee theft.

The policy does not protect against losses caused by unauthorised access to your account. Within Gemini, you can create a list of approved addresses that restricts who can withdraw from your account (along with other account security features like two-factor authentication). Still, if your identity is stolen or your password is compromised, you may be unable to recover any funds lost.


Gemini crypto exchange is a regulated exchange platform, and that's a big plus. It means you can have greater faith that your funds are safe and secure. The exchange platform has more than 70 selections of cryptocurrencies. It is a solid choice for those looking for a safe and secure place to buy crypto or earn interest on their crypto investments.

Also, if you want a simple platform with a great mobile app for buying, storing, and selling cryptocurrencies, then the exchange could be the right place for you.

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Author: Priya Kumari

Author: Priya Kumari

Priya is a passionate content writer and the co-founder of Finendorse. She is an enthusiastic crypto investor and has a huge interest in the upcoming digitisation age.

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