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The Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin Question

gordon ramsay bitcoin
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Aside from being a famous chef, the world has heard Gordon Ramsay Bitcoin views in recent years. There have also been numerous ads claiming he has made vast sums of money from investing in Bitcoin.

Crypto enthusiasts and investors are curious about Gordon Ramsay and questions like; does he own a Bitcoin, has he invested in Bitcoin, and is he a crypto trader?

Who is Gordon Ramsay?

Gordon Ramsay is a well-known celebrity chef. However, he might have a keen interest in Bitcoin or crypto. Through his work as a chef, he has a popular restaurant group, founded in 1997. His fame as a chef began in 1999, and today he's known as one of the most influential chefs in the world.

Aside from being a chef, he's a well-known, established businessman who has made many intelligent investments over the years. In addition, he has acted as a brand ambassador for a variety of businesses.

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Does Gordon Ramsay Use Bitcoin?

For him, being one of the few celebrities who discuss crypto publicly, people have asked questions about his involvement in Bitcoin. One is; does Gordon Ramsay use Bitcoin?

Over time, as that particular question gets asked, there has been speculation that he does own Bitcoin. Although this might be entirely true, he hasn't said publicly that he does.

Some publications have even reported that claims that Ramsay is making millions of dollars through Bitcoin are fake. Gordon himself has said that he has never traded Bitcoin or made money from Bitcoin trade or investments.

Did He Invest In Bitcoin?

Although the celebrated chef has been linked to numerous crypto trading systems, he has never endorsed them. Moreover, there isn't any proof that the businessman has made any crypto investments.

There have been instances of crypto trading companies using his name and photo to promote their businesses. They even go as far as using his pictures and fake testimonials of him to promote their business. They claimed that the chef had recommended the trading system to investors, enthusiasts, and potential customers.

Is He Part of the Bitcoin Revolution Platform

It was claimed that he had invested in the Bitcoin Revolution Platform, a platform for trading cryptocurrency. It performs data-driven trades for customers; it's an automated trading platform.

However, the chef and businessman has denied any involvement with the platform. Even after an investigation by various media outlets, there wasn't any proof that he was involved in the investment.

Although Gordon Ramsay has a variety of investments and is a well-known businessperson, there is no evidence he has ever invested in Bitcoin. Although he may be knowledgeable about cryptocurrency, he hasn't made an official statement about his involvement in cryptocurrency, even though he might talk about it from time to time.

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Author: Gerry Enoma

Author: Gerry Enoma

Gerry Enoma writes articles about crypto, blockchain finance, technology, and video games. His articles have been read by millions of readers on the internet. Having written for sites like,, etc. Aside from being a writer, he's also a game designer.

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