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Hedera coin price prediction 2030: HBAR to $1?

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Hedera coin (HBAR) is the native cryptocurrency of the Hedera network, a third-generation Proof-of-State (PoS) public ledger. The crypto asset serves a dual role: to pay for network services in terms of transaction fees and to protect the network from actors with bad intentions.

What is the Hedera network?

Hedera network is a third-generation, open-source public ledger for builders, creators, enterprises, decentralised finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and sustainability.

In a nutshell, the blockchain powers institutional applications and native Web3 ecosystems for the next generation of the internet. The public network is responsibly governed by the Hedera Governing Council – a transparent, decentralised body of Web3 projects, enterprises, and prestigious universities.

The governing body includes global stalwarts such as Google, IBM, Wipro, Ubisoft, ServiceNow, Chainlink Labs, and IIT Madras. The Hedera ecosystem standards and codebase are built by the developer community via Hedera Improvement Protocols (HIPs).

The community comprises Hedera ecosystem and application developers, peripheral organisations, and node operators. These include the likes of LimeChain, Horizon Labs, LG, Meeco, HashPack, Luther Systems, and Six Clovers. Hedera's Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts are performance-optimised.

These smart contracts, coupled with consensus service application programming interfaces (APIs) and easy-to-use native tokenisation, enable the developer community to build real-time Web3 ecosystems and applications.

It is also worth noting that Hedera has a robust codebase, transaction order fairness with consensus timestamps, low and predictable fees, and fast finality. Here are some interesting statistics to back up these claims (all at the time of writing):

  • 1,998,822 mainnet accounts created

  • 47,472,513 transactions in the last 24 hours

  • 64 seconds to consensus finality

  • $0.001 average cost per transaction

  • 000003 average kWh per transaction

At the heart of the Hedera network is its energy-efficient, dual-role native token, HBAR. Let us dive further into the cryptocurrency's historical data and fairly determine our HBAR price predictions for 2030.

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Hedera coin historical data and price predictions 2030

According to Coingecko data, the current price of HBAR is $0.063. Hedera coin has a total/maximum token supply of 50B tokens, of which over 31B are currently in circulation. The crypto asset’s market cap is nearly $2B, with a 24-hour trading volume of almost $46M.

In terms of market cap rank, HBAR is placed at 34th. The crypto asset achieved an all-time high of $0.569 on 15 September, 2021, and an all-time low of $0.0098 on 2 January, 2020.

Owing to several macroeconomic factors, the calamitous downfall of crypto industry giants like FTX, Terra, Three Arrows Capital, and Celsius Network, and an increasingly regulatory-prone environment, several altcoins fared abnormally poorly in the mid-latter half of 2022.

downward trending hedera stock chart

Source: Coingecko

Naturally, the Hedera coin was gravely affected by these market conditions. Its value dropped from $0.196 on 21 April, 2022, to $0.0365 on 1 January, 2023. Since then, the cryptocurrency's value has nearly doubled.

If we factor in all we have learned about the Hedera network so far, keep in mind HBAR's historical data, and consider the growth of the blockchain industry at a CAGR of 85.9% from 2023 to 2030, we can attempt to predict its future price.

That said, it is impossible to predict the price of any cryptocurrency accurately. Given that HBAR is already a top-50 crypto asset and is worth nearly $2B in terms of its market cap, the crypto asset may touch the highs it achieved in mid-September 2021 in the next few years.

This, of course, must be supplemented by significant development activity and user interest. We at Moni Talks believe it is quite difficult for HBAR to breach the $1 mark (nearly impossible). You can buy HBAR tokens at leading crypto exchanges like Binance, eToro, Coinbase Exchange, OKX, BingX, and DigiFinex.

Predictably, Binance is the most popular crypto exchange to trade Hedera coin. Understanding the token's use cases and significance to the network is important before making an investment decision. We insist you do your own research (DYOR) at all times.

## Everything you NEED to know about Hedera coin

HBAR serves a dual purpose in the Hedera network.

As network fuel, developers use Hedera to pay for network services, including logging data, calling smart contracts, minting cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and transferring the crypto asset.

For each of these transactions, Hedera is used to pay fees that recompense validator nodes for storage, computing, and bandwidth.

As a network-protecting agent, Hedera, which is staked to network nodes, has a weighted voting influence on consensus for validating transactions. Weighted voting makes it extremely expensive and difficult for bad actors to harm consensus.

To put it into perspective, a bad actor would have to own and stake more than one-third of the cryptocurrency’s total supply to obtain centralised authority.

Token allocation categories

As mentioned, the total supply of HBAR tokens is 50B, with more than 31B circulating at the time of writing. You can see from the below figure that 31.33% of the total supply remains unallocated (as is evident from the circulating supply).

hedera alllocation categories

Other allocation categories include:

  • 90% to Ecosystem and Open-Source Development

  • 74% to Initial Development Costs and Licensing

  • 26% to Purchase Agreements

  • 77% to Network Governance and Operations

## The advantages of HBAR

Here are the advantages of HBAR over first-generation and second-generation cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH):

  • Outstanding throughput: With a throughput of 10,000 HBAR coin transactions per second (TPS), the Hedera network does not compromise on network stability or security.

  • Incredibly low fees: The cost per HBAR transaction is incredibly low, costing around $0.0001! Compared to the enormous ETH fees we see ‘gracing’ social media nearly every day, HBAR is extremely efficient.

  • Finality in mere seconds: Gone are the days when you had to wait for block confirmations to execute a transaction. HBAR transactions achieve finality in mere seconds (3-5, to be precise).

Overall, using HBAR ensures you can settle payments and modernise digital experiences seamlessly. Here are some network metrics to back the above information:

  • Transactions: 60,334,562 per day

  • Latency: 5.64 seconds to finality

  • API calls: 634 per HBAR

Staking Hedera coin

Once you have purchased HBAR at a crypto exchange, or any other third-party platform or organisation, you can use your purchased Hedera coin to pay application transaction fees, purchase goods and services, or simply hold on to your tokens with a long-term vision in mind.

One more option that arises is staking. You can stake your HBAR to a Hedera network node for a maximum APY of 6.5%. This annual reward rate cap was determined by the Hedera Governing Council through the Coin Committee.

The actual reward rate varies from node to node and depends on the amount of staked tokens. It is worth noting that nodes that are inactive or down will NOT be eligible to earn HBAR rewards.

Supported wallets include: Blade, HashPack, MyHbarWallet, Uphold, Wallawallet, and Yamgo.

Supported exchanges include: OKX

Custodians include: Hex Trust

Staking reward distribution can be triggered by numerous mechanisms. This document will help you understand each of these mechanisms.

It is worth noting that the staking feature will be rolled out in four distinct phases, of which Phase I: Technical Availability, Phase II: Ecosystem Development, and Phase III: Staking Rewards Program Launch, have been completed. Click on this link for an in-depth understanding of the complete staking program.

Before investing in HBAR in the short or long-term, ensure that you have performed your due diligence. Visit the Hedera website for more details.

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