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How to Buy Green Moon Crypto

green moon crypto
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Tried searching for GRM on your favourite exchanges without much luck? In this article, I'll show you how to buy GRM from PancakeSwap without paying high fees. But first, what is Green Moon crypto?

What is Green Moon?

Green Moon is a BEP-20 token created to satisfy the demand for stable price increases amid chart fluctuations. The Green Moon crypto is designed using an hourly deflation mechanism. This protects your investment and makes it possible to earn a stable income as the liquidity pool expands and consolidates Green Moon price’s bottom line.

How to buy Green Moon crypto

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Step 1: Fund your Binance account

First, log into your Binance account and fund it with fiat currency (USDT, EUR, or any other currency you prefer) if you haven't got any. If you haven't got a Binance account, you can create one and fund it with your credit card.

Step 2: Buy BNB

After funding your account, go to Markets and search for BNB, choose the USDT/BNB pair (if you deposited USDT), then click “Sell” to exchange the pair. It’s important you buy BNB as the Binance network and Metamask charge minimal gas fees in BNB.

Step 3: Connect your PancakeSwap to your Metamask

Before you withdraw BNB, connect your PancakeSwap to your Metamask. PancakeSwap is a DEX for trading BEP-20 tokens, so you’ll need it to trade GRM. If you don’t have a Metamask wallet, you can sign up using the app or Google Chrome or Brave Browser extension.

When you click "Connect" on PancakeSwap, you'll find a couple of wallets – select Metamask and accept to add the Binance Smart Chain network.

Then go back to Metamask and copy the BSC address. Return to Binance, select BNB, click withdrawal, paste the copied address and select the BEP20 network.

Step 4: Swap your BNB for GRM

Go back to PancakeSwap and click Trade > Exchange. Since you've connected your Metamask to PancakeSwap, you should see your BNB balance. Before swapping the tokens, you'll have to go to set the Slippage tolerance to 13%.

Note that GRM isn't on PancakeSwap, so you'll have to import it. When you import it, you'll be provided with the option to check it on BSC Scan. Do this to be sure the right coin was imported from CoinGecko.

After that, click “Swap” and confirm the transaction, and you’ll be greeted with a success screen afterward. That's how to trade Green Moon securely.

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Author: Nuel Iyere

Nuel enjoys creating exciting user experiences with engaging brand stories and clear marketing copy. Nuel writes FinTech & Blockchain content and is a copywriter.

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