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How to Get Summer Swap Token

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Summer Swap token was a reward earned from FIFA's Summer Swaps program. The program tasks players with earning the tokens through the completion of in-game objectives and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Once players understood how to get the token, and earned them, they can be traded for rewards.

Summer Swaps 2

This is the latest token system in FIFA 22. Players can earn a total of 50 tokens from the program. Tokens earned can be redeemed for the following untradeable rewards:

  • 1 Token – 82+ x25 Players Pack.

  • 2 Tokens – 83+ x25 Players Pack.

  • 3 Tokens – 84+ x25 Players Pack.

  • 4 Tokens – Icon Moments Zambrotta.

  • 5 Tokens – 85+ x20 Players Pack.

  • 8 Tokens – 94+ Shapeshifter Player Pick (1 out of 4 player options).

  • 10 Tokens – 86+ x15 Pack.

  • 12 Tokens – Hero Shapeshifter Player Pick (1 out of 5).

  • 15 Tokens – 93+ Icon moments Player Pick (1 out of 3 player options).

  • 17 Tokens – 95+ Shapeshifter Player Pick (1 out of 5).

  • 20 Tokens – Ben Yedder Futties 97 OVR.

  • 24 Tokens – 95+ Icon Moments Pack.

  • 27 Tokens – Ben Yedder Futties 98 OVR.

  • 30 Tokens – Di Natale Shapeshifters Hero 97 OVR.

  • 32 Tokens – 96+ Shapeshifters Player Pick (1 out of 5 player options).

  • 34 Tokens – 94+ Icon Moments Player Pick (1 out of 4).

  • 36 Tokens – Icon Moments Cruyff.

The more tokens collected, the better the rewards.

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How to get the Summer Swap token

  • 1st token - Chris McCann: Earned after logging into FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team).

  • 2nd token - Joe Murphy: Earned by completing Maxwel Cornet Futties Objectives plus Murphy token.

  • 3rd token - Luke McCormick: Obtained by completing FUT 14 SBC (Squad Building Challenge).

  • 4th - Tomas Durso: Earned by completing Against the Tide (SBC).

  • 5th and 6th tokens - Danny Musovski and Ian Bermingham: Obtained by completing Objectives Win 4 Belgium.

  • 7th and 8th - Mark Oxley and Lars Nieuwpoort: Earned by completing Objectives Win 4 Uruguay.

  • 9th and 10th tokens - Shunsuke Ando and Matthis Harsman: Obtained by completing Objectives One Nation Germany.

  • 11th and 12th - Thijs Jansen and Barry McNamee: Earned by completing Objectives One Nation Netherlands.

  • 13th token - Rorry Gaffney: Obtained by completing Performance is Key (SBC).

  • 14th - Lewis Thomas: Earned by completing Futties Voting Day (SBC).

  • 15th - Dominic Bernard: Buy Futties Foundation Pack.

  • 16th - Waniss Taibi: Complete Casemiro Futties Objectives and Bernard Token.

  • 17th - Camilo Albornoz: Complete Bundesliga TOTS Challenge 3.

  • 18th - Antoine Lejoly: Complete Ultimate TOTS Challenge 3.

  • 19th and 20th - Abdelkabir Abqar and Erik Majetschak: Complete Objectives Win 4 Argentina.

  • 21st and 22nd - Ali Youssef and Ousoumane Camara: Complete Objectives Win 4 Brazil.

  • 23rd and 24th - Lassine Sinayoko and Feyzi Yildirim: Complete Objectives One Nation Portugal.

  • 25th and 26th - Ouparine Djoco and Jack Sowerby: Complete Objectives One Nation France.

  • 27th - Lenny Lacroix: Complete TOTY Challenge 4.

  • 28th - Yosuke Yuzawa: Complete Gelson Martins Futties Objectives and Yuzawa Token.

  • 29th - Pius Kratschmer: Complete Headliner SBC.

  • 30th - A Ndiaye: Complete Shapeshifters Challenge 15 SBC.

  • 31st and 32nd - Abdulwahab Jafar and Jubril Okedina: Complete Summer Swaps III Win 4 Mexico.

  • 33rd and 34th - Dean Lyness and Jaiber Jimenez: Complete Summer Swaps III Win 4 Spain.

  • 35th and 36th - Umut Gunes and Goro Kawanami: Complete Summer Swaps III Objectives One Nation Italy.

  • 37th and 38th - Anthony Uzodimma and Asahi Masuyama: Complete Summer swaps III One Nation England: Win 4 matches in the live FUT friendly.

  • 39th - Hugo Novoa: Win strategy SBC.

  • 40th - Jorge Padilla: buy Futties Foundation Pack.

  • 41st - Yanis Cimignani: Porto vs. Sporting SBC in Marquee Matchups.

  • 42nd and 43rd - Ugo Bertelli and Shilow Tracey: Win 4 Poland: Win 4 Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty with 11 Polish players in your starting squad.

  • 44th and 45th - Edgar Lopez and Halldor Stenevik: Win 4 Switzerland: Win 4 Squad Battles matches on minimum professional difficulty with 11 Swiss players on your starting squad.

  • 46th and 47th - Krisztofer Horvath and Damian Isac: Finish Summer swaps IV Objectives One Nation Belgium.

  • 48th and 49th- Angel Zapata and Abdulaziz Majrashi: Complete All summers swap IV Objectives One Nation Brazil.

  • 50th summer token - Kyle Taylor: Earned by completing All Summers Swaps IV milestone.


Summer Swaps 2 was launched on 29 July, 2022, and players had up to five weeks to earn the 50 tokens. The live event ended on 29 August, 2022. Those lucky to get the tokens redeemed them for various gaming rewards, including players and packs. The tokens were redeemable for rewards between 12 August and 29 August.

Hopefully this helps explain how to get Summer Swap token as a FIFA 22 player.

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Author: Jay Jackson

Author: Jay Jackson

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