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Ice World NFT: What is the Pathway to Recovery?

10, February, 2023

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If you are familiar with the Game of Thrones series and the White Walkers, chances are you will see a semblance to some characters that form the Ice World NFT collection.

There are 2,765 non-fungible tokens on Ice World representing the ice men and the tree men, who will ultimately be locked in a battle to take control of the entire planet.

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What is the concept?

Members of the Ice World community can acquire the NFT tokens by outright purchase or auction. It is also possible to win some of these tokens by participating in the promos and giveaways on the community page. Once you have an Ice World token, you can resell it to others for a profit.

The concept is interesting, but after nearly a thousand people picked up various tokens as NFTs, the tokens and community site experienced a marked lack of interest. This lack of interest in the Ice World NFTs is not surprising, as the entire NFT market has recently suffered some slump.

Is there a future for Ice World NFTs?

Despite a seeming dropoff in 2022, data from DappRadar shows that $24.7 billion of organic trading volume occurred in the NFT market in 2022. So there is still a vibrant NFT market, and there is a potential for a pick-up in 2023 if the crypto market starts heading in the right direction.

There is a belief that the future of NFTs will be in the Web3 gaming industry. Ice World's developers need to think creatively to take the concept in this direction.

The concept of the Icemen vs. Treemen certainly looks promising if taken further as a hugely interactive video game. In that case, this could reach a new market and translate to enormous earnings for community members.

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Author: Eno Eteng

Eno is a certified financial technician and member of the UK Society of Technical Analysts. He loves to trade and write about cryptos, FX and CFDs. Since 2009, he has been a consultant for several companies in the financial market space. His work can be seen on several forex and crypto-related blogs and trading educational websites.

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