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ICO calendar 2023: list of active and upcoming ICOs

ICO Calendar
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Initial coin offerings (ICOs) were the talk of the town in 2017, trumping traditional, equity-based fundraising methods. While ICOs are still prevalent on the investment calendar, they are not as popular as they once were.

An ICO is a fundraising method for cryptocurrency-based projects that involves the pre-sale of project-native tokens.

These tokens are minted by a crypto project and offered to early-stage investors (generally at a discount). ICOs allow these startups to raise funds without giving up equity. A major plus point is that the community of incentivised users rally around the project, as they want the project to succeed so that their initial investment bears fruit.

If the project succeeds, both the team and early investors benefit. Unfortunately, this is a big IF. Given the relative ease of this funding mechanism, we as a sphere have witnessed numerous unfortunate examples of pumps and dumps.

Nevertheless, a few rotten eggs cannot take away from the numerous advantages of launching and participating in a CREDIBLE ICO. Read on to learn about the ICO calendar 2023.

## The Ethereum ICO success story and ICO investment tips

Before we dive into the ICO calendar 2023, you need to know about the first real ICO success story, and oh boy, did early-stage investors benefit from the Ethereum (ETH) ICO in 2014! Performing due diligence is crucial to making any good investment decision, especially when it comes to ICOs.

Before investing in an ICO token, thoroughly research the underlying project and determine its short and long-term future. A solid founding team is an important factor to consider. The steps you should follow include:

  • Read the project’s whitepaper to better understand its feasibility. A bogus whitepaper may indicate a rug pull.

  • Follow announcements on various channels and evaluate the community's response.

  • Prepare a list of similar projects and determine whether they are building something different/valuable.

  • Understand the project’s tokenomics. A massive token supply with continuous inflation is a strict NO. Knowing the sharing ratio and whether the supply is fixed or not is important as well.

Early-stage Ethereum investors reaped the benefits of their research and faith in the cryptocurrency project, led by Vitalik Buterin. The rest is history.

In 2014, the Ethereum ICO sold 50M ETH at $0.311 each, raising $15.5M. On 12 May 2021, ETH hit an all-time high of $4382.73. If an ICO investor sold their ETH at that price, they would have made a profit of nearly 14,100x!

That said, even if a project ticks all the right boxes, success is not guaranteed. The Tezos (XTZ) ICO in 2017 is the perfect example. The ICO raised a whopping $232M, but the project failed miserably despite a highly successful fundraiser, a solid underlying mission, and a trustworthy team.

ICO calendar 2023: ICOs to look out for

Now that you know how to avoid a rug pull (please, DYOR at ALL times!), you may review our compiled list of ICOs to look out for in 2023.

There are several fantastic launchpads on the market today. We advise you to follow them on X (formerly Twitter) so that you can take advantage of the earliest entry prices.

Here is the ICO calendar 2023:

Crypto Calendar

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