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Best upcoming ICO crypto presales

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Startups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sphere consider ICOs a cheap, fast, and less cumbersome way of acquiring funding for upcoming projects. Maybe you're considering participating in an ICO crypto soon, but there are concepts and intricacies you don't grasp besides not knowing about upcoming ICOs.

This article helps you understand the ICO process and what projects you can expect soon.

What are ICOs?

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is an ingenious method blockchain and cryptocurrency project startups use to raise funds for their products or services. ICO crypto offerings enable investors to participate in token sales, where they can acquire tokens newly listed on cryptocurrency exchanges.

ICOs are popular among startups because they enable them to bypass traditional venture capital when raising capital for new tokens, applications, or other services. The primary benefit of ICOs is building a direct connection between startups and investors, besides eliminating the need for third parties from the capital-raising process.

Upcoming ICO crypto calendar

If you're interested in participating in ICO crypto, you need to look for ICO calendars, where you'll find lists containing past, active, and upcoming ICOs.

Here, you'll learn about the imminent projects and their fundraising goals, including token sale metrics, project details, crypto presales, and other pertinent information regarding token sales.

Below is a list of excellent crypto projects you can go through to explore and discover high-potential initial coin offerings.

Bitfinder (BITF)

The first ICO crypto project on our list is Bitfinder (BITF), set to become the pioneer crypto search engine running on a decentralized/centralized network Discover. According to the Whitepaper, the project will offer a search engine specializing in crypto-related content, a publisher program for adding banners, an advertiser program, paid-to-click ads, and crypto games that pay in cryptocurrency. The ICO presale runs between 21 October and 21 November, 2023, with the public sale beginning 21 May until 21 June, 2024. There's a pre-token supply of 60,000,000 BITF out of 1,000,000,000 BITF, priced in USD: 1 BITF = 0.01 USD.

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Landslide (LADD)

The Landslide ICO crypto project, whose token sale runs between 15 October and 30 November, 2023, proposes to build the world's fastest blockchain. With speeds of at least 850,000 transactions per second (TPS) and up to 2 million TPS, the project running on Binance Smart Chain will be highly scalable and faster than pioneers Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polkadot, and Polygon. Per the Whitepaper, there’s a pre-token supply of 50,000,000 LADD out of the planned token supply of 220,000,000. The LADD utility token is priced in USD, where 1 BNB = 50,000 LADD.  

Tezos Domains (TED)

Tezos Domains proposes to launch domains similar to the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) that can be used to secure ownership and link Web 3.0 wallet addresses with websites, share avatars, and publish verifiable contact information. The Tezos Domains, DApps, and wallets will run on the Tezos ecosystem to replace complex public addresses. The Whitepaper states that users will use their Tezos Domains to store their cryptocurrency, addresses, NFTs, or tokens. The token sale has been ongoing since 25 September with a supply of 100,000,000 TED targeting the Tezos community at 1 TED = 0.04 USD.

CutKitts (CUT)

CutKitts consolidates the power of NFTs and memes to introduce a unique Earn-to-Play concept in gaming where users can enjoy games using NFT heroes. The Whitepaper proposes a robust economic system where users can trade, craft, and enhance their NFTs and enjoy endless possibilities. Investors can expect a good ROI as gamers plunge into the new era of eSports, eLeagues, and other thrilling tournaments. The project's presale began on 7 September and runs until 30 September, 2024, targeting 40,000,000,000 CUT. Public sales run from 20 November to 1 September, 2028. The token price is 1 CUT = 0.00072 USD and is sold in ETH.

KlubCoin (KLUB)

The KlubCoin ICO crypto project is a cryptocurrency that blazes the trail in the electronic music industry and is already popular with some strong brands in a fast-growing ecosystem. The project enables clubs, festivals, DJs, and artists to offer their loyal fans rewards and crypto ownership via a fan token – KLUB, which can be used in physical and Metaverse events. The project proposes a party-to-earn model for electronic music fans, targeting clubbers and festival goers, offering them instant cashback rewards whenever they buy from partners. Moreover, KlubCoin will allow seamless Web 3.0 onboarding via iOS and Android apps. The pre-token launch takes place between 4 October and 6 October, 2023, targeting 1,000,000,000 KLUB priced at 1 KLUB = 0.0120 USD.

How to select a good ICO crypto project 

There are hundreds of ICO crypto and blockchain projects to choose from, each with a horde of returns and benefits for investors. You must comb through lists and calendars of upcoming ICOs offering updated information to locate the best.

Take the time to carefully go through complete ICO schedules, including the technology behind the project, funding goals, the roadmap, and the developers' team and project community ratings and feedback.

Check the stage of the project and token sale, read their Whitepaper, conduct sufficient research to understand the project’s risks and viability, and evaluate your risk tolerance before pursuing any ICO crypto investment opportunity.

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