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Icytools: the ultimate NFT analytics platform

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For those unfamiliar with the NFT industry, the abundance of NFT aggregator options can be overwhelming.

Icytools's goal is to streamline processes by giving essential data to those who need it immediately and a premium service to those who need to dig a little deeper. So, how do Icytools compare to the other options out there? Let's find out.

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Why would you want to use Icytools?

Icytools is fantastic for tracking the current floor prices, volume, and average sales prices of Ethereum NFT collections and recognising emerging trends. Because of its easy-to-understand data visualisation, the analytics platform is an excellent starting point for newcomers looking to understand the market.

A great place to begin exploring the NFT market, Icytools takes a streamlined approach that should please all but the most data-hungry consumers. Although the platform solely supports Ethereum NFTs at the moment, multi-chain functionality is in the works.

Icytools' layout and presentation of information may seem bare at first glance, but this is on purpose, as the app's designed with simplicity and clarity. The design puts the focus squarely on the user and avoids overwhelming them with unnecessary data visualisations.

Users of Icytools can look up portfolio balances for any wallet address, view transaction histories, learn about emerging NFT trends, and more.

Connecting your wallet gives you access to these primary datasets, but if you want access to more in-depth statistics and analytics, you'll have to pay for the premium version. If you want to learn more about a particular NFT collection, you may do so by clicking on it and gaining access to a range of information, including floor price charts, recent activity, holdings, and more.

Along with the standard data set on the NFT market and collections, it also provides a calendar for tracking upcoming events and an API for programmers.

Where can I find Icytools?

Go to the Icytools website, where a "trending" dashboard will greet you.

Icytools' free products are great for novices, but seasoned NFT traders might consider upgrading to the premium plan to access the below features:

• Collecting data in real-time and analysing it retrospectively.

• Contract or wallet-based alerts for floor, mint, and sales.

• Filter by whales and other tags in real-time feeds you create yourself.

• Personalised favourite trackers for easy monitoring.

Icytools combine three essential functions for users new to NFT investing: monitoring your holdings, analysing the market, and discovering new mints. It's easy to start with the collections, and its clean design makes novice users feel at home.

If you're interested in quickly tracking NFT trends and gaining insight into the performance of your collections, the premium option is worth considering. It strikes a good balance between the simplicity of aggregators aimed at complete newcomers and the power and breadth of tools like Nansen, which are aimed at pros and covers the whole spectrum of the Web 3.0.

Naturally, its full capabilities are only available with a paid subscription. Still, individuals who find they need more than the free edition can try out Icytools for a month to determine if the additional datasets are worth the cost.

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Author: Hassan Alzaza

Author: Hassan Alzaza

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