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The Impact of Cryptocurrency on Society

impact of crypto on society
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It can no longer be ignored, so now we must ask, 'what is the impact of cryptocurrency on society?'. Bitcoin has inspired a variety of reactions since its inception in 2009. Some people consider Bitcoin to be a ground-breaking breakthrough. Some say it is a passing blip on the radar; others believe it is here to stay.

What is beyond doubt is the impact of cryptocurrency on society, most notably Bitcoin.

It is time to ask what crypto will provide to our communities, whether it will improve administrative and financial tasks, and whether it could benefit humanity.

What are the Advantages of Cryptocurrency?

Although a relatively new innovation, cryptocurrencies are, in my opinion, unquestionably here to stay. That is largely due to the numerous advantages they offer. The impact of cryptocurrency on society can be positive, if you know how to tap into the benefits.

Not least is its ultra-secure, transparent infrastructure.

A further advantage to cryptocurrencies that is particularly relevant at the moment is the avoidance of inflation. Because they are not tied to a particular currency or national economy, the value is determined by global demand and not national inflation.

When the supply of a cryptocurrency is limited - for instance, Bitcoin is capped - the amount available cannot spiral out of control.

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The Impact of Cryptocurrency on Society

The majority of cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology, and it is an innovation with significant potential benefits for society.

Here are just three examples of ways in which using crypto for everyday tasks can impact on society.

  1. Cryptocurrencies give you, and only you, control over your money: Traditional cash gives complete authority over your finances to central banks and the government. It isn't really "your money." If you trust your government, that's fantastic. But keep in mind that your bank account can be frozen anytime, denying you access to your funds. In the United States, for example, if you die without a legal will and run a corporation, the government has the right to all your assets.

  2. Simplified Cross-Border Transaction: You might think that in the digital age, businesses can sell to anyone, regardless of their location. However, obstacles remain. One of the most significant is the high cost of processing payments. Cryptocurrencies allow you to trade abroad without giving up a portion of your profit or overpricing your product, as well as avoiding transaction fees. The value of Bitcoin is the same everywhere, and the lack of intermediaries speeds up and lowers the cost of transactions.

  3. Eliminating Extreme Money-Printing: A government may be able to bail out debt or devalue its currency by printing more money. This is like bandaging a broken leg. It not only rarely solves the problem, but the harmful side effects might often outweigh the initial problem. The supply of most cryptocurrencies is finite. When all of those coins are circulating, there is no straightforward method for a central authority or the firm behind the blockchain to simply generate more coins or increase the supply.


Even years after its release and development, cryptocurrency still has room for improvement and exciting advancements.

The risks are likely to decrease further as governments establish guidelines and ways to stabilise the product while retaining its unique appeal are found.

Indeed, there is little question that the impact of cryptocurrency on society will be significant.

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Author: Brendan Beeken

Moni Talks Founder and Chairman Brendan Beeken is an entrepreneur, commercial strategist, investor, and philanthropist. He writes on a wide range of subjects, including cryptocurrency, decentralised finance, blockchain, business advice, and professional wellbeing, for news and business websites, as well as Latest Moni and his personal site, brendanbeeken.com. Brendan draws from his own research and more than two decades of personal experience in business to offer a unique insight, perspective, and commentary on diverse subjects. He is passionate about making the cryptocurrency space more accessible and encouraging safer and more responsible trading and investing. Brendan's LinkTree is https://linktr.ee/brendanbeeken.


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