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Infinity Crypto Wallet Unpacked

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There are many crypto wallets on the market to choose from, but the offering from Infinity is proving popular among digital asset holders.

Here, we take a deep dive into the Infinity crypto wallet, what it is, how it works, and the organisation behind the tech.

What’s behind Infinity crypto wallet?

Infinity describes itself as an ‘all-in-one” non-custodial wallet ecosystem. It claims to be the first multi-chain, non-browser-extension, non-custodial wallet to hit the market. In a crowded crypto wallet marketplace, it’s necessary to make bold claims to stand out.

Infinity crypto wallet launched with a desktop version, soon followed by a mobile app, with the company now claiming to support hundreds of thousands of users.

It has been very public about its mission, spelling out its strategy in a funding pitch. That included identifying some of the initial core team members behind Infinity, including Team Lead Aaron B, who has experience in UI/UX design and software development as well as more than 10 years of involvement in crypto, and Tech Lead Juan Dominguez-Adame, whose background is in hardware and software development.

The purpose of the Infinity project was to create a seamless solution for cross-border DeFi payments which would be a gateway to the world of Web3.

The company states its focus has been on providing the best user experience and most accessible tool to allow for the adoption of Web3 and DeFi. It aims to be the 'complete solution' for crypto users by having everything they need in one place and offering a seamless user interface.

Infinity is also committed to continuous growth and evolution of its products, adding new features and services to meet changing demands and needs.

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What is Infinity Wallet for?

The team behind Infinity says it is the first desktop platform giving users complete access to Web3 and DApps without leaving their wallets. It incorporates a Web3 browser and DApp/Web3 store within the platform, removing reliance on browser extension wallets.

They claim this delivers a safer, more accessible, and ‘superior’ experience for users, which will enable simpler adoption and use.

Infinity's mission statement is to be a world-leading digital asset enabler by offering a one-stop wallet that meets all of the needs of cryptocurrency users. The company says it will meet this ambition through a user-first approach, making interaction, monitoring, trading, and transacting in the decentralised environment more straightforward and more secure.

Launched in 2020, it is claimed there are currently more than 227,000 Infinity crypto wallet users in over 170 countries. The wallet supports more than 150,000 digital assets.

Vision and values

The Infinity Wallet team is very vocal about its goals and values.

The simplified version of its vision is to empower people to experience a better future through the use of blockchain technology. This will, it says, ‘liberate’ wealth globally.

Blockchain tech can bring improvements to all aspects of our lives, Infinity adds, as well as delivering improvements across industries including finance, gaming, and transport.

Underpinning this mission are 'fundamental values' that shape what Infinity does, how it does it, and who it hires. Throughout its planned expansion and development, these values will never be compromised, it promises.

How does Infinity crypto wallet work?

Inside the Infinity crypto wallet you’ll find a dashboard laying out the features. These include checking the wallet balance over different periods, as well as a simple way to view your current assets, facilitated with a search bar making it easier to locate the asset you are looking for.

Click on ‘My Wallet’ and you’ll see all the coins and tokens in your wallet. While some are added by default, you can customise the experience to ‘Add Custom Tokens’ so you can see everything you need.

It also includes an option to store and view your NFTs, with a simple click, and use the NFT marketplace.

With simplified usability as a core part of the Infinity crypto wallet proposition, it has an easy-to-use interface. On the dashboard, you can find ways to quickly navigate to Swap, Transactions, News, Market Stats, and DApps options.

Security is, obviously, a concern with any wallet. The Infinity Wallet encrypts users’ private keys and data on their devices to increase security. Only the user is granted access to the wallet and private keys to maintain privacy.

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