Infinity Hashpower Token: the future of Crypto?

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What is Infinity Token? It is a new cryptocurrency that seeks to revolutionize the world of digital payments. It offers several advantages over traditional payment methods, including faster transaction times and lower fees. But perhaps the most impressive thing about it is its unique proof-of-stake algorithm.

This algorithm allows users to earn rewards for holding Infinity Mining Tokens (IMT), which helps to secure the network and keeps inflation under control. In this blog post, we will explore the features and discuss why it may be the future of digital payments!

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Infinity Token: the future of mining

The Infinity Mining Token is an ERC-20 token based on the idea of distributing hash power and Bitcoin rewards among miners through a network of shared mining hardware. The option to trade IMT for IHASH or simply speculate on the price will be available to stakers. Mining a block requires your computer to organize recently completed transactions into chronological order in a distributed public ledger. The computer then generates a 256-bit hash value from the block. The block has been mined and broadcast if the value starts with a sufficient number of zeros. The greater the processing power, the greater the likelihood of receiving rewards.

The miner's responsibility is to set up and operate their mining hardware and software. Mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin requires a setup that allows for minimal overhead while maximizing hash-rate production. With the launch of Infinity Mining Token on August 6, 2021 (previously titled Infinity Token), the team set out to achieve complete decentralization in the mining process.

IMT developers worked closely with the Fair Token Project (FTP) during its initial stages. Token holders were eligible to receive 5% of the ecosystem rewards from the IMT and IHASH tokens, thanks to FTP. The total number of Infinity Mining Token holders is slightly over 800, and its market cap is $2.5 million.

The group is moving away from hosting bitcoin miners at a shared facility. The Infinity Mining community has successfully crowdfunded the purchase of 40 Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) mining rigs using revenue generated from trading.

The IMT crew has also located a vendor who sells S19 PRO 100 models at a 20% discount from the original price. The group is getting ready to switch to a new growth model based on a new treasury system and an increased number of miners as we look to expand into new areas. A representative staking platform will be a part of the Infinity Mining protocol. By exchanging IMT for IHASH, IMT owners can participate in staking and earn Bitcoin passively. Users can opt to stake a larger share of the hash rate for a more extended period. A user's staked Bitcoin in the vault will grow by a small amount daily. IMT will be stored safely in a cold storage vault while you convert it to IHASH. There will be a 72-hour grace period during which the user can either keep their stake in place or remove it. Any unspent IMT tokens will remain in the cold storage facility indefinitely.

Like other Defi protocols and exchanges, the IMT staking platform will charge its users a fee. If users decide to un-stake their tokens before the end of the specified staking period, they will lose a certain percentage of their tokens yield.

The IMT speculates the price of ASIC mining hardware, and Infinity Token community members will guide on matters such as selecting a secure cryptocurrency wallet.

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Author: Hassan Alzaza

Author: Hassan Alzaza

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