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Innocent Cats NFT explained

innocent cats nft

Non-fungible token technology is here to stay as it continues to evolve every day. And yet another innovative and exciting project in the NFT space is the Innocent Cats NFT. It’s a collection of over 10,000 Ethereum blockchain-based digital collectables of cool cat characters.

Unlike most digital assets, owning an Innocent Cats’ NFT can earn you an exclusive club membership card providing various benefits. It is built with the idea of live Metaverse concerts. That’s why these NFTs can also work as concert tickets for you.

So, if you are wondering how Innocent Cats can get you Metaverse concert tickets, here’s an easy explanation. Let’s dive in!

What is an Innocent Cats NFT and how does it work?

Innocent Cats is an NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain that is becoming widely popular among rap artists. Like Phanta Bear, it is also built on the vision of promoting live Metaverse concerts globally. Mainly, Innocent Cats promotes the hip hop and rap genre and has attracted numerous celebrities like Tyga, Andrew Wiggens, and NFT influencer Flur.

It is a unique Ethereum-based project that resolves the issue of higher gas fees in the blockchain. Unlike most NFTs that use ERC1155 and ERC721, Innocent Cats use ERC721A, which minimises the transaction fee.

Apart from that, the NFTs, Innocent Cats offers are not only digital assets or avatars, but they can also work as your membership card for the club. Also, as the platform will be holding Metaverse concerts, you can directly enter them through these NFTs. There is a 9025 circulating supply of NFTs, which you can claim.


Source: Innocent #6041

In addition, there is a staking utility, too. This allows you to collect multiple NFTs and earn rewards, aka ‘Cat Food.’ The cat food is redeemable and gives you random surprise bags.

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Benefits of an Innocent Cats NFT

Holding an Innocent Cats NFT can benefit you in various ways. Here are a few of them:

  1. Direct entry to SecondLive Metaverse concerts.
  2. Earns you Innocent Cats club membership.
  3. NFT staking utility and airdrops.
  4. Cat food can be redeemed for concert tickets, branded accessories, and clothes.

Innocent Cats NFT price

Though the project is getting recognised by celebrities and influencers, its prices are not as high as one would expect. The data by NFT-stat.com shows that the average price of NFTs in the past 30 days was $17. The highest Innocent Cat price was $30, and the lowest was $13. However, the most expensive Innocent Cat NFT sale was $284.

Innocent Cats is an innovative NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain. The project aims to shape an ecosystem for rap and hip-hop artists by introducing Metaverse concerts. If you buy an NFT such as this, you will get access to concerts, club membership, redeemable rewards and potential capital gain. Although currently these NFTs’ prices are quite low, their proposed roadmap looks promising and forecast is positive.

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

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