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Introducing Rollercoin: Crypto Mining Made Easy

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As the crypto market continues to develop, we are witnessing more and more ways to get involved in the cryptocurrency hype. An area gaining popularity is the Play to Earn (P2E) sector. One of the latest P2E games is Rollercoin, which describes itself as an 'online crypto mining simulation game'.

The idea is simple. Players are rewarded with a share of block rewards depending on their mining power – just as in real crypto mining. This may sound fraudulent, but by all accounts, the project is legitimate.

As with other P2E games, the idea is to build your character – the stronger the character, the more crypto it earns. Registration is free and straightforward, meaning you can be good to go in less than five minutes.

P2E has its critics, but no one can argue against its market penetration, especially in South East Asia, where games like Axie Infinity became the primary source of income for many through the pandemic.

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Block rewards

The Rollercoin gameplay is easy to understand, which is one of its biggest draws. As in the real world of Bitcoin mining, players are awarded block rewards based on their mining power. There are two main ways competitors can increase their mining power. These are:

• Buying miners.

• Playing games.

Games are an exciting and fun way to gain power, but any power extracted only lasts 24 hours. It is generally accepted that buying miners is a better strategy.

The Rollercoin game has been created to entice players and keep them entertained with cool graphics in a fun environment. The more power extracted, the more you can customise your character and in-game functions. The choice to keep or reinvest your block rewards rests solely with you.

Although purely a Bitcoin mining simulator, Rollercoin is fun to play and introduces players to the often technical concept of Proof of Work mining, which is no bad thing. That said, we are currently witnessing a move towards more sustainable crypto blockchains and, therefore, interest in energy-intensive PoW projects may start to wane in the near future. At this point, it is difficult to say.

Immersive experience

If you are new to the P2E concept, games like Rollercoin may sound too good to be true. Looking closely at the project, there is no reason to be pessimistic. Although minimal, players earn Satoshi's (SATs) while playing the game. Once earned, you can remove them to an external wallet or keep your earnings on the platform. For more information on the earning potential of P2E games, check out our article.

For this Rollercoin review, I have kept things simple. However, anyone interested in how the game works only has to look at the FAQ page. As you will see, players also have the opportunity to mine Ethereum and Doge.

Rollercoin offers players a fun and immersive experience, one which mirrors the often quite stressful real world of crypto mining. Players must consider many issues, such as hash rates, predicted profit, and remembering to recharge their machines when needed. As I mentioned above, this is a great way to become familiar with the mining concept without getting your digital hands dirty.

Block rewards are processed every ten minutes, which gives a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Furthermore, Rollercoin players can invite their friends to join in the mining fun, creating a competitive edge to the platform. Players are also encouraged to participate in one of the many contests and promotions the platform supports to reward the most hard-working miners. This, of course, is a great way to keep players engaged and talking about the project.

Overall, despite its initial appearance, Rollercoin is a decent way to spend a couple of hours. The fact that you are rewarded for your endeavours is even better. Play to Earn is an interesting concept and one which may well take the world by storm in the next five to ten years. Rollercoin is a simple and hassle-free way to find out if this is something that works for you.

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Author: Mark Harridge

Mark Harridge first came across Bitcoin and began to use its peer-to-peer payment network in mid to late-2011. He quickly understood that this technology would change the world. Mark is passionate about crypto adoption, from a macro economic and institutional perspective, and the numerous factors that fuel the relentless march towards individual self sovereignty and the decentralised society of the future.

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