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Is Dogelon Mars a Buy After the Recent Upside?

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Dogelon Mars is back in the news. With a current market capitalization of $183.38 million and a circulating supply of 549,040 billion tokens, Dogelon Mars is ranked number 152 in the list of cryptos by market cap. It is one of the Dogecoin-themed meme coins.

Dogecoin received some promotion from Elon Musk via a series of tweets in December 2019, leading it to become one of the most sought-after altcoins that produced a massive price appreciation.

Subsequently, various altcoins were created, either bearing semblance to the symbol of Dogecoin (such as Shiba Inu, the name of the dog features as Dogecoin's logo), or by having some labelling with Elon Musk's name. These meme coins found success for a while, but the crypto market downturn has erased the meme effect and left the coins to find their feet on their own value.

Dogelon: the story so far

In April 2022, a petition was started on urging Binance to list Dogelon Mars on its exchange. At that time, it was approaching a $1 billion market cap and seeking 25,000 signatures. In October 2022, rumours of a potential listing by Binance surfaced, and the token shot up 4,194%. However, this listing did not materialise. In the following months, Dogelon Mars gave up all these gains. This is not the first time rumours of a Binance listing have dogged the token. Some of these rumours date back to 2019, but have never resulted in anything substantial.

The gains seen in the ELON token this January are not linked to any listing rumours. They have come as the entire market witnessed a slight push to the upside. The recent market gains result from a shift towards risky assets after data from the US indicated a cooling of consumer inflation. The drop in the US Consumer Price Index has led to bets that the Federal Reserve would force down the size of future rate hikes, with 25 basis points being the preferred number.

This is exerting a downward pull on Tether (USDT) and other USD-pegged stablecoins, allowing tokens like ELON to enjoy a level of price appreciation. While the 19% gains seen this January is a far cry from some of its earlier improvements, the Dogelon Mars community seems excited by what they perceive as a renewed push by the meme coin to get back some of its old shine. The fact that 18,448 people have signed the petition as of writing is a testament that there are still those who want to pressure Binance to list the ELON token.

The push to get listed on Binance came when there was no clear-cut information about its tokenomics and what value the project would add to the crypto ecosystem. At the time, it seemed that everything that Binance touched turned to gold.

Even tokens that were floundering on other exchanges got a shot in the arm that turned them into a speculator's delight. It was clear then that the promoters of the Dogelon Mars petition were out to cash out big from every token that had some kind of association with Elon Musk or Dogecoin, either by name or otherwise. That attempt may have worked in October 2022, but it is clear that it has failed miserably in the long run.

The deepening winter in the crypto market and the fallout of the collapse of FTX, Celsius, AAX, and several crypto exchanges and lending platforms means it will be harder for tokens to command appreciation from just a mention of a purported Binance listing.

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Dogelon Mars: What does the future hold?

If Dogelon Mars is to rise from the ashes, the team behind the token has to return to the drawing board and think out a strategy to shift this coin from being just another meme coin to something of real value to the ecosystem.

They need not look too far. Shiba Inu was the first meme coin patterned after Dogecoin. It rode the speculation train for a while until the team decided to reconfigure the project to extract value for both project owners and token holders. The SHIB project now boasts a robust ecosystem of its own, featuring three tokens (BONE, Shiba Inu and Leash) and the Shibarium Layer 2 protocol. A launch into the Metaverse is scheduled for 2023. The recent resurgence of the Shiba Inu and BONE tokens is not accidental. The Dogelon Mars team needs to follow a similar pathway to make the ELON token a thing of value. The meme effect is not going to cut it going forward.


The current price action on Dogelon's pairing with Tether (the most traded pair of this asset) indicates the brief upside move that has taken it from the low of November/December 2022 to its current levels appears to have stalled. This situation is in keeping with the current expectations.

The 19% move higher was only a drag effect exerted by Bitcoin on the entire market. For Dogelon Mars to witness any real price recovery to its previous highs, there has to be a concerted effort by its developers to create value from the ecosystem.

Otherwise, the ELON token may fall by the wayside even before the market takes a turn for the better.

There is still time for the developers behind Dogelon to make the necessary changes. Shiba Inu is a classic example of how value addition can make all the difference in a token's valuation.

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Author: Eno Eteng

Eno is a certified financial technician and member of the UK Society of Technical Analysts. He loves to trade and write about cryptos, FX and CFDs. Since 2009, he has been a consultant for several companies in the financial market space. His work can be seen on several forex and crypto-related blogs and trading educational websites.

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