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Kasta Crypto - Changing Thinking on Money

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The need for alternative forms of payment has never been greater. The rise of Web3 payment solutions, like Kasta crypto, proves this need is more than just a passing trend.

The Web3 payment provider Kasta was developed to expedite the adoption of decentralisation while providing a viable medium of digital exchange.

Built on the Polygon network, Kasta crypto is an ERC-20 token allowing holders to send and receive the same coins instantly and for free. This simplicity and ease of use will make the platform a hit in the digital revolution.

Simple yet powerful

The project has been designed with simplicity in mind, making the transfer of digital assets safe and convenient. Holders can send tokens via mobile number or by simply scanning the QR code. Using crypto has never been easier.

At its core, the project is a basic wallet application with various features encouraging everyday use. This accessibility means anyone can quickly learn to use the platform for their own benefit.

The application is a powerful all-in-one wallet allowing even the most novice crypto users to enter the Web3 world. While the platform only supports eight coins so far, they include some of the most popular tokens on the market.

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Easy Swap

The platform's native token is the $KASTA coin which is currently available at a wide variety of exchanges, including, UniSwap, and ByBit. With a current circulating supply of 129 million priced at $0.0266 per coin, the total market cap is $3.4 million.

The 'Easy Swap Engine' allows holders to choose which token to receive, regardless of the coin sent. For example, should a friend send Bitcoin, you can simply change your settings to ensure that all crypto is received in Ethereum.

Kasta crypto token forms the backbone of the application, and, alongside P2P payments, it will soon be used for several other purposes.

Future of Kasta

This project is a shining example of a P2P payment processor and is leading the way in blockchain adoption and Web3 development. The company has ambitious plans for the future, with many features currently in the pipeline.

In the near term, users will be able to earn passive income by taking advantage of various yield-generating opportunities via the mobile app. Furthermore, platform users will also be able to apply for a debit card, allowing them to spend their crypto holdings in a wide variety of merchant stores.

Lastly, all application users will be able to choose to stake their idle crypto and earn passive income.

With countries like Nigeria pushing their citizens to adopt distributed solutions, the future of cross-border payments is about to change. Applications like Kasta crypto are at the cutting edge of the decentralised revolution and will form the backbone of the future society.

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mark harridge author

Author: Mark Harridge

Mark Harridge first came across Bitcoin and began to use its peer-to-peer payment network in mid to late-2011. He quickly understood that this technology would change the world. Mark is passionate about crypto adoption, from a macro economic and institutional perspective, and the numerous factors that fuel the relentless march towards individual self sovereignty and the decentralised society of the future.

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