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Kava Crypto: Does it Stand a Chance in 2023?

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Kava Crypto project is of great potential and can transform the DeFi space. But can the project compete with the big boys in Web3?

There is no shortage of DeFi protocols that offer users decentralized collateralized loans. Still, regarding user experience and trust, only a few protocols stand out, including Kava.

Kava crypto project recap

As a protocol seeking to become the de facto DeFi platform in Web3, the Kava crypto project offers its users CDP or collateralized debt positions. This allows users to borrow against their collateral which can be in one or more coins (up to four). Collateral can be in BTC, ATOM, BNB, or XRP. This is where Kava stands out, as it makes it easier for users to take out loans.

How does lending work on Kava?

Since Kava is built on the Cosmos blockchain, users lock their cryptocurrencies on smart contracts deployed on Cosmos. Users can then borrow against their locked assets in the form of USDX. This is the stablecoin of the platform, which is pegged to the USD. Of course, all loans are over-collateralized due to the volatile nature of the crypto market.

If users want to earn interest on their assets, AKA lend them to others, they can do so and earn the interest in the shape of $Kava.

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You can use the platform to:

• Borrow against your collateral and pay bills, buy things or re-invest that leveraged money (highly risky).

• Earn interest on your stored assets.

This saves a lot of people from having to liquidate their sets when they need the cash urgently.

Kava crypto: $KAVA

The project relies on Proof of Stake as its consensus mechanism and $KAVA is the Kava crypto’s token. There are currently 320 million $KAVA circulating with no maximum supply. The token’s price is currently trading at the $1 mark (5th December 2022).

Initially a BEP-2 token, now it is living on the Cosmos Hub. You can earn up to 38% staking $KAVA, depending on how many tokens you are staking. Delegation is available and can be done quickly via Binance, which has a validator node running for the Kava project.

Current challenges

Although the Kava crypto project completed the ETH bridge launch, it is yet to release the BNB chain bridge in Q4 of 2022. With the latest developments in the market, the project will face hardships in committing to its planned roadmap. So far, the project has successfully put checkmarks on almost all of its milestones, but will it survive through the current bloodbath?

Another concern is USDX's de peg last May which is still hurting the project as USDX never fully recovered its peg to the USD 1 to 1.

Currently, USDX is trading at $0.88, almost 12% less than the USD's value.

The Kava crypto project holds some advantage over its competitors, especially when it comes to the Tendermint consensus mechanism.

However, the DeFi space is only getting more competitive by the day as more protocols deploy creative solutions to attract users. Will Kava’s focus on the long game and its partnerships with Binance and XRP save it from becoming the next victim of this bear market?

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Author: Mohamed Algaml

Mohamed Elgamal or Cryptowrit3r.x as per his unstoppable domain NFT is a crypto writer who’s been in the field for one year. He wants to create educational crypto content that is accessible to everyone, easy to read and would help the average web2 user understand what the web3 space is about!

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