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KODA Cryptocurrency - The Memecoin with Utility

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Morals of trust, absolute user education, and ease of use may sound like strange terms in a cryptocurrency market where every user is always treading carefully to avoid making a misstep. While it’s hard to associate these things with crypto, we tell you how KODA cryptocurrency is on a mission to change this concept.

What is Koda cryptocurrency (KODA)? 

Koda cryptocurrency (KODA) is a dog-themed memecoin focusing on Bep-20 coins, the native token of the SummitSwap platform. According to its website, the platform aims to create a secure, easy-to-use cryptocurrency trading environment where fraud, cyber-attacks, and other ills that have long plagued the crypto space become foreign terminologies. 

Founded in 2021 by a team of anonymous developers managed by Summit founder and CEO James Gale, the cryptocurrency didn’t take the “tried and tested” route of making money first and building trust later. Koda took the time to build trust when it operated as Koda Finance to create a stable crypto asset used by a stable company. KODA’s growing list of utilities includes being a medium of exchange for buying goods and services and as a staking or holding token for a chance to earn passive income or other additional long-term rewards.  

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How KODA works 

Dubbed a community-driven crypto coin aiming to redefine people’s perception of cryptocurrencies, Koda cryptocurrency is deliberately designed with community-focused capabilities that reward holders who use and perform transactions using the digital asset. Moreover, cryptocurrency promotes long-term development by introducing constant incentivization through numerous promotional activities and a unique staking model. Stakers’ earnings are paid using the platform’s sister token, Koda-apex (KAPEX) token, a utility/reward token designed to pay KODA holders using a revolutionary never-seen-before code.  

How to buy Koda cryptocurrency

Step#1: Visit CoinMarketCap to find where you can purchase Koda cryptocurrency. Search for KODA and tap the button labeled "Market" to see a complete list of exchanges and, under "Pairs", the currencies you can use to buy it. 

Step#2: Select a platform to buy from. Conduct research before settling for one since all platforms have different security, liquidity, and reliability levels.

Step#3: Make your purchase from the platform you selected. It’s easier to purchase using popular fiat currencies. If you use another crypto, you’ll have to create a crypto wallet supporting KODA. 

Is Koda token a good investment?

Many experts and analysts predict that the price of KODA will surge in the coming years and possibly hit and surpass the $0.003 mark by 2025 or reach between 0.015 and $0.018 ten years from now. While that may appear like a stretch, anything could change since cryptocurrencies are volatile and things change in an instant one way or the other. 

While there may not be a correlation between the current value of Koda cryptocurrency and its future potential, all indications appear to show a token whose value is slowly inching upwards. Depending on the different market elements and emerging variables that could arise in the entire cryptocurrency market, there’s a chance that even a beginner’s KODA investment will eventually yield a good ROI.

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