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KuCoin Crypto Launches Metaverse Space

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Crypto exchange KuCoin has launched a 'virtual skyscraper' in the Bloktopia metaverse.

KuCoin will be housed in the tower’s 5th floor. The virtual building will have 21 levels and will hope to house other content creators, including Polygon and Avalanche.

The company is set to join an already well-known spread of blockchain companies based within the virtual skyscraper, including its parent company High Fidelity, Everdragons and Black Bull Capital.

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A Dynamic Environment

Black Bull Capital’s CEO, Trevor Koverko, described the building as a “dynamic environment” for blockchain companies.

He told Cointelegraph: "I think it's going to be really unique and different, and it's going to be so cool."

"What we've done with this project is create something where you'll have people from all different walks of life and you'll have a very interesting cross-section of people that companies can go to, to service their needs."

People will be able to virtually communicate with eachother and interact within the space.

The space is host to various virtual and augmented reality activities.

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