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League of Kingdoms: Worth Playing in 2023?

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The play-to-earn blockchain gaming market remains one of the relatively undiscovered crypto earners with much potential. Despite what seems to be a dropoff in interest in blockchain gaming, new games are still coming on stream. One of these games is the League of Kingdoms, introduced into the market in 2021.

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The League of Kingdoms concept

League of Kingdoms is a multiplayer, play-to-earn crypto game based on gathering rewards via the conquest of lands and resources of other players. The plot of the game will remind you loosely of the Game of Thrones TV series.

The game is all about building kingdoms and expanding these kingdoms. This will involve forging key alliances as you progress. You earn from unlocking new levels within the game and conquering other territories to expand your kingdom.

The user starts with basic resources and has to deploy skills and intellect to harness new resources to build the structures that eventually form the castles that make up the kingdom's buildings. You must work on these until your kingdom's buildings become more formidable and better fortified. You will eventually unlock new resources to build an army that can partake in conquests to expand the realm. You will have to battle other players, and these will sometimes involve forming alliances to defeat bigger enemies.

Ultimately, the scope of the wars expands. As showcased in the game's final levels, players from various continents battle to secure territory. This is indeed a league where kingdoms are made. At each point of conquest, successful players receive digital assets as rewards. Some of these rewards include the governance token of the project.

The game is available on smartphones and PCs and remains worth playing even as the crypto winter persists. Please check the latest UK NFT tax rules if you want to play the game for money.

How to play

The game is free to join and play. However, you will need access via your fractal wallet. The "Connect Wallet" option exists at the top right of the game's website so you can connect your wallet to plug into the game. Metamask and Trust Wallet are just two of several wallets that give you access to the game's interface.

There have been complaints that the game has bugs and that the developers do not provide the best customer service. If you face these challenges, you may need to contact them via the Discord channel.

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