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Competition in the crypto space has made a few projects come up with innovative ways to entice and get new users. Some crypto projects offer tokens for free, but with a catch. Depending on the project you can earn free crypto by learning or playing.

What is Learn to earn crypto?

Learn to earn crypto involves getting free crypto by learning about digital assets on a crypto platform. The free crypto you get is usually the one you’ve learned about.

Since there is nothing like a free lunch , how do the platforms benefit? The platforms benefit in two ways. Firstly, by learning about crypto on a platform you boost its traffic. You are also more likely to engage with other services the platform provides. Secondly, the free crypto tokens you get make you an investor in the tokens. The more people get the free crypto, the better its chances of price appreciation over time.

Learn to earn crypto platforms

A few well-known platforms offer the learn to earn crypto incentive.


Coinbase is a reputable crypto exchange with thousands of coins, tokens and NFTS. The platform allows users to learn about different crypto currencies and earn through its Coinbase Earn page.

As per the platform users can choose whichever available crypto coin they would like to learn about, do a simple quiz, testing whatever they have learned then get their free crypto. Some of the coins and tokens users can learn and earn from include GRT (The Graph), GAL (Project Galaxy), and ALEPH (

Note that to benefit from Coinbase Earn you have to meet all its eligibility requirements, which include living in a country eligible for Coinbase Earn. The program is, therefore, available in selected countries.

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Binance is another popular crypto exchange available in more than 140 countries globally. Like Coinbase, Binance allows users to earn free crypto through its Learn & Earn section.

In the Learn and Earn section, are instructional films and reading materials that enable users to learn about several crypto coins. Once you are done learning about a preferred crypto coin you will take a quiz to gauge your understanding of the coin. If you pass the quiz you get your free crypto coins.

It is worth noting that Binance’s learn and earn rewards are limited. Once they get depleted users can’t participate in the program any more.


Coinmarketcap is a price-tracking website for crypto assets. The platform allows users to earn free crypto through its Earn Crypto page.

On the Earn Crypto page are lots of crypto coins including TRX (TRON), SXP (Solar), LIKE (Only1), and SAND (Sandbox) to learn and earn from. There are video tutorials and reading materials to help learn about the various coins. A quiz comes at the end. Once you pass the quiz you get your free crypto.

Coinmarketcap’s learn and earn program is also limited to certain countries. Users from countries like Belarus, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, and Mainland China cannot participate in the program.


Phemex is a crypto exchange and trading platform trusted by millions of users across the globe. The exchange has a Learn & earn page where users can earn free crypto.

On the Learn & Earn page users can familiarize themselves with basic crypto concepts and exchange features through watching short videos. After your learning session, you will take a quiz, which will determine whether you get your free crypto or not.

Phemex Learn & Earn program is limited to selected countries. The program is currently not available in India, Russia, Venezuela, Ukraine, and Indonesia among other countries.


BitDegree is an online education platform powered by blockchain. The platform has a LearnDrops page where people can learn about real-world crypto projects and earn crypto.

The process of earning free crypto through BitDegree’s LearnDrops is the same as other Learn to earn crypto programs. Once you watch a video about the crypto project you wish to learn about you will do a quiz. If you pass the quiz you get your free tokens.

Bottom line

Learn to earn is one of the many ways various crypto projects are looking not only to survive but profit from the cryptospace. The program, while it might cost platforms a few coins offers them a lot in terms of traffic and coin adoption.

Listed above are only a few platforms that offer learn to earn crypto programs. Do your research and you will find more blockchain-based platforms that will allow you to earn free crypto by simply learning about a crypto coin, project, or topic you are interested in.

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Author: Jay Jackson

Author: Jay Jackson

Jay Jackson is a crypto trader, researcher and freelance writer. He works closely with people and businesses in the crypto sphere, writing blog posts, guides, press releases, reviews and ebooks.

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