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What is Live Coin Watch and how does it work?

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With the increased interest and activity in crypto trading and the different arrays of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms available to investors, users need to keep track of their assets. The need for a reliable crypto tracking tool - like Live Coin Watch - to help monitor and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio is high.

A cryptocurrency tracker is software or an online platform that helps traders and investors to monitor digital trends and the value of digital currencies and tokens by comparing the performance of these assets.

What is Live Coin Watch?

The virtual currency tracker is one of the world’s leading, real-time crypto coin web applications. The coin tracker gives users market prices, charts, and market capitalizations to help them make better trading decisions.

More than 10,703 tokens can be tracked on the coin price tracker. Some of these digital tokens can be traded on 338 exchanges.

Founded in 2017, the platform offers a beautiful user interface to navigate and explore the functions of the application easily.

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How does it work?

The digital currency web application collects data from different cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchains, and data providers and makes it available to users, delivering a comprehensive update of the crypto market conditions.

The tracking platform helps traders and investors track their portfolios when they have manually or automatically imported their portfolios into the system.

Other web application features include sorting the cryptocurrency assets based on their wins and losses, newness, and trending metrics.

In addition, the website collates and curates news from other sources and information on ICOs (initial coin offerings) and airdrops.

Final note

The platform aims to be one of the leading tracking platforms keeping users informed, especially in this volatile market and with the issues around cryptocurrency regulations.

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