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LiveCharts: free day trading chart provider

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LiveCharts UK is a free live trading chart provider for stocks, commodities, Forex, crypto, and major indices.

The platform also features free access to historical data, economic data, the latest stock market news, market trends, and the LiveWire market blog.

To access features such as Share Chat, Day Trading Chat, Share Prices watchlist, Share Signals, Trend Charts, Advanced Charts, and day trading Tools and Data, you must log in to the LiveCharts message board. These features are part of the Members Area.

What is the LiveCharts Members Area?

The LiveCharts Members Area is a free subscription to the advanced day trading features listed above. You only need a valid email address to subscribe to the service.

LiveCharts sends subscribers three to four emails monthly about high-quality trading ideas or products with an option to unsubscribe to the mailing service.

If you do not wish to receive emails from the trading chart provider, you can unsubscribe from the LiveCharts mailing list while continuing to reap the benefits of this membership programme. Here is a brief overview of the membership features:

  • Chat Boards: The Share Chat and Day Trading Chat Boards allow you to chat with other traders about charts, day trading, and the markets available on LiveCharts.
  • Share Prices watchlist: With this free share monitor, keep an eye on your shares by adding your share symbols to the watchlist.
  • Share Signals: The LiveCharts data filter handpicks shares with the potential to move. You can add such shares to your watchlist and take advantage of a breakout.
  • Trend Charts: As the name suggests, unique trend signals for reversal points, trend continuation, and breakouts are highlighted daily.
  • Advanced Charts: Pick any share from your watchlist to perform advanced analysis.
  • Tools and Data: Daily updated breadth charts, calculators, and pivot points are at your disposal.
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LiveCharts Members Area registration

To register, click on the green-coloured >> JOIN FREE HERE! button. This will redirect you to the below screen.

Join now screenshot og website

Create a username, enter your email address, full name, and date of birth, and select your country of residence. Tick both boxes and click the Apply button to proceed to the next step. You'll be emailed with your account password almost immediately. Take note of your password (which you can change later) and click the login link to access your free Members Area subscription.

LiveCharts crypto charts

If you look at the LiveCharts Home page, there is no mention of cryptocurrencies. The day trading charts provider, however, offers access to 15 cryptocurrency charts at the time of writing, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Click the Crypto option on the menu bar and select a cryptocurrency chart you want to view.

Bitcoin chart on LiveCharts

As you can see above, we clicked on the Bitcoin chart option. The BTC chart is quite advanced, with access to indicators, metrics, strategies, a compare tool (where you can compare the performance of multiple cryptocurrencies), bars, candles, trend line, fib retracement, patterns, long position, and so on.

The chart also features a brief description of BTC at the end (not that you do not know about the crypto asset already)!

LiveCharts stock market news

The stock market news section is of particular interest to stock enthusiasts. This section features news about the UK market, international markets, company news, broker tips, Forex and commodities, and economic news.

This section does not feature original LiveCharts news. LiveCharts is simply a news aggregator that gathers financial news from global sources. Click your category of choice and select the information that meets your fancy.

If you are a website owner/builder, you can integrate LiveCharts news and live prices into your website with the help of the LiveCharts Widget Builder. The Widget Builder is free.

On a concluding note, if you are looking for a free, trustworthy news source and advanced day trading features, there are few better options than LiveCharts. Its Chat Boards are a fascinating plus - you can chat with like-minded traders and share knowledge!

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