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LiveCoinWatch is a platform for tracking various data and analytics of cryptocurrencies. Token analytics this site covers include trade volumes, real-time price information, and other market data pooled from various exchanges.

Is LiveCoinWatch still as relevant today as it was a few years ago? The answer would be a resounding yes. You must tailor this tool's usage to the market's evolutionary movements. LiveCoinWatch is a bit like Coinmarketcap, but there are some subtle differences, and your job is to know how to identify and deploy these differences to your advantage.

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The first rational question would be: what can you use LiveCoinWatch for?

  • You can use this tool to identify what exchanges a coin is trading in.
  • By extension, arbitrage traders can use the tool to compare token prices across exchanges and use the information to plan their arbitrage trades.
  • You can access real-time market data about any crypto token. Data such as market capitalization, volume, price data, liquidity, etc., are all covered by LiveCoinWatch.
  • Enter your holdings into the appropriate search bar and view the analytics for your crypto portfolio live.
  • As a trader, you can also set price alerts so you receive notifications when the asset has hit your preferred trade entry or exit points.
  • You can track upcoming ICOs.

Given the various functions that can be performed on the website, what would be a rational use case that a trader can directly profit from?

A use case for LiveCoinWatch

One functionality of this website is its integration with several cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing the user to view the prices of tokens across these exchanges.

This price aggregation allows the user to plan for arbitrage trades. By comparing price, volume, and liquidity information for a token across several exchanges, a user can potentially buy a token at a lower price on one exchange and resell the same on another exchange where the price is higher, profiting from the differential.

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Author: Eno Eteng

Eno is a certified financial technician and member of the UK Society of Technical Analysts. He loves to trade and write about cryptos, FX and CFDs. Since 2009, he has been a consultant for several companies in the financial market space. His work can be seen on several forex and crypto-related blogs and trading educational websites.

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