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Lucky Block Crypto: What Is It?

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Lucky Block has introduced a new concept into the crypto finance space. As an area that has contributed immensely to the creation of crypto casinos for people who love to gamble with cryptocurrency, Lucky Block is the latest project in gaming finance (GameFi).

As an easy-to-use protocol, Lucky Block has employed the features of blockchain technology to develop a decentralised lottery system. Like crypto casinos, there are no centralised financial institutions (traditional banks, insurance companies, and clearinghouses). The Lucky Block project aims to solve various problems that have mired the current centralised gaming systems, such as delayed payouts, on-demand liquidity problems, and security.

With more than 19,000 crypto projects circulating in the market, as of June 2022, Lucky Block has much catching up to do. Fortunately, unique innovations jump several queues within a short period, and Lucky Block could gain popularity fast with the launch of many events. With a cryptocurrency attached to the project, called LBLOCK, available on the market, will LBLOCK and the entire Lucky Block project survive?

What is Lucky Block (LBLOCK)?

Launched in January 2022, Lucky Block is a blockchain-based lottery protocol housed in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The primary purpose of Lucky Block is to improve transparency and fairness in the electronic gaming world by creating a system where every player has an equal opportunity of winning.

The project has a massive team behind its continuous development. London-based Scott Ryder serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Its native asset, LBLOCK, serves as the token that oversees transactions on the Lucky Block protocol.

LBLOCK is also the ticker symbol Lucky Block’s ecosystem is associated with on exchanges such as PancakeSwap.

At the launch of the project, a total of 100 billion LBLOCK tokens were distributed. As of Tuesday, June 14, 2022, there were around 40.77 billion tokens in circulation. This means that more than 50% of LBLOCKs are still available for purchase.

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How does Lucky Block work?

Currently, thanks to the use of digital currencies and crypto wallets, it has become easy to use casinos. This is because you only need an internet connection and a cryptocurrency supported by a crypto casino to wager, stake, or bet on sports as well as gaming products designed by the gaming platforms.

Lucky Block has introduced a concept that differs from crypto casinos. If you are an LBLOCK holder, you can decide whether or not to take part in a periodical jackpot by locking some of your tokens.

Lucky Block launched its first jackpot on May 31, 2022. The prize was $1 million and the total number of tickets purchased was 873,541.

How does Lucky Block's lottery, or jackpot, work?

Per the terms of transactional taxes in the project's whitepaper, 1% of transactions will be burned, 3% will be put into non-fungible tokens (NFT) and gaming royalty funds, 4% will be deposited into liquidity pools, and 4% of fees will be placed into a lottery (jackpot) pool. So far six (6) lotteries have taken place. The winner takes home 70% of the jackpot. Out of the remaining 30%, 10% is redistributed to LBLOCK holders depending on the size of their holdings. Another 10% goes into marketing, and the remaining 10% is deposited into a charity fund.

Draws were also made on June 6, with prize money of $42,714, and 473,525 tickets were purchased, and on June 10, when the prize money was $5,000 and 516,333 were purchased.

Is Lucky Block (LBLOCK) a Good Investment?

Lucky Block can be considered a good investment based on the price forecast made by experts at the technical analysis-backed portal, Digital Coin Price, and Price According to Price, LBLOCK could command a minimum price of $0.001 and a maximum price of $0.002 by the end of 2022.

The cryptocurrency shed more than half its peak market value in November 2021, so consider risks and rewards before investing in LBLOCK.

That said, LBLOCK is exchanging hands for $0.0009954 and can be considered a low barrier to entering the crypto trading market.

With $100, you could buy around 100,462 LBLOCKs, and see how much in rewards the tokens could bring you in the short, medium, or long term.

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