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Mercy Corps: Donate Crypto to Make a Difference

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Mercy Corps is a global group of humanitarians working towards creating a better future for all by tackling the biggest crises of today. The mission is to reduce oppression, poverty, and suffering by helping people build just, productive, and secure communities.

You can help Mercy Corps on its noble mission by donating crypto. Here's how.

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What is Mercy Corps?

Mercy Corps is a global collective of more than 5,900 members working towards a common cause - creating a future where EVERYONE can prosper. In 2022 alone, the humanitarian organisation reached 38M people across more than 40 countries.

Mercy Corps’ Water, Sanitisation, and Hygiene (WASH) team, for example, supports 7,400 people in Iraq with sanitisation services and clean water at the Debaga displacement camp.

The organisation is committed to bringing about change on a global scale through local impact - 84% of the organisational task force belongs to countries where they work. Mercy Corps tries to find unique solutions to the most pressing problems in the quest to serve the people best.

The humanitarian group goes beyond emergency aid and partners with social entrepreneurs, local governments, forward-thinking corporations, and individuals living in fragile communities to create brazen solutions that have a lasting impact.

This short video is a fascinating insight into the organisation's work. Ably led by Tjada D'Oyen McKenna and a team of executives, a Board of Directors, and leadership councils, the group is tackling the world's toughest problems, one day at a time.

You can explore careers at Mercy Corps if you are driven to make a real difference. Of course, there are other ways you can help as well. Here is how you can make a crypto donation.

Donate crypto and make an impact

Mercy Corps can put in the hard yards and make a difference in millions of lives annually through the money it receives as a donation. The organisation has an active community of monthly supporters. Today, its monthly giving 'Partner in Possibility' program has more than 16,000 changemakers.

Here is how a small donation can make a big impact:

  • A $10 donation/month can feed 60 primary school students yearly.

  • A $30 monthly donation can train 144 farmers to grow healthier and more nutritious crops every year.

  • A $50 donation can provide hygiene items, water, and food to eight refugee families annually.

Your monthly gifts ensure genuine, life-changing assistance. According to Linda, a monthly giver from Texas, "You can be assured that you are making a big difference worldwide. You would be working with a charity that is always 'boots on the ground' and is there to offer real life-changing assistance, no matter what."

You can make a one-time donation as well. The Mercy Corps team works in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, so feel free to volunteer for an initiative if you have the time to spare! To donate crypto, visit the "donate bitcoin" page and click the Donate Now button.

mercy corps website screenshot with form to fill in to "donate now"

Take note of the Tax ID present near this button. All crypto donations are exempt from taxes. If you donate cryptocurrency to a charitable/humanitarian organisation described in Internal Revenue Code Section 170(c), no loss, gain, or income will be recognised from the donation!

At the time of writing, you can donate Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and USD Coin (USDC).

make a donation screenshot of mercy corps website

Simply choose the crypto you want to donate, enter the amount, and click Next. You can also donate stocks and make a card payment. The minimum donation amount is $45 (once, monthly, or annually), and the maximum is $5,000.

Remember, if you opt for monthly or annual giving, you can opt-out anytime. Do not feel compelled to continue donating if you do not have the means or will to at any point in the future.

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