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Metaverse tokens and GameFi – a new trend

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Step aside NFTs, the metaverse and GameFi token craze is real. In what has been a dismal week for major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Cardano, largely due to the signing of the US Infrastructure Bill, the rejection of a US spot Bitcoin ETF, crazy Bitcoin profit bookings, further Chinese crypto sanctions and news of the possibility of crypto being banned in India, many metaverse and gaming tokens have experienced considerable growth.

MANA, SAND and GALA in particular have witnessed substantial growth. Public sentiment is so bullish at the moment that a Decentraland patch of real estate sold for nearly $2.43 million on 23rd November! Following Facebook's rebranding to Meta last month, the world is looking at such projects with keen interest. GALA is a gaming asset worth looking at closely.

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What is GALA and should you buy it?

I am not giving you investment advice but wow, GALA sure is a fascinating investment prospect. In the past year, GALA has surged 200,000+% and reached an all-time high of nearly $0.06 on 25th November. GALA powers the Gala Games ecosystem, an Ethereum-based gaming network.

Gala Games currently offers 2 blockchain-based games and is developing 3 more. The decentralized ecosystem is controlled by its users – all decisions are taken by node holders and players, be it related to the development of a new game or what should be funded by the ecosystem.

Node holders can run nodes (Gala Nodes) via their computer systems and earn rewards such as GALA, limited edition NFTs and much more. You can purchase a Gala Node license for the same. All items that you win in-game are yours and are verifiable assets on the blockchain. GALA represents a long-term investment option, so explore its underlying project at your convenience.

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