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Metaverse VR Project: A Guide

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A completely immersive 3D world has long been a popular concept in the sci-fi world. The seemingly unrealistic concept has finally taken shape in recent years. The entry of big names like Meta, Roblox, NVIDIA, Epic Games, and others has inspired many projects - the Metaverse VR (MEVR) project is one such example.

It is a remarkable take on Metaverse technology, introducing a virtual gaming and socialising platform. The MEVR project aims to connect the digital world with the real one and promote its mass adoption.

Let's look at what the Metaverse VR ecosystem looks like and how its crypto powers it.

What is the Metaverse VR project?

MEVR is yet another exciting project in the virtual world. It has created a digital space for 3D socialising on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The platform offers various [play-to-earn (P2E) games],(/news/article/play-to-earn) NFT collections, and other software projects.

With this platform, MEVR aims to shape a digital universe that makes immersive experiences more accessible.

The platform claims to be unique as it focuses on real-world uses of Metaverse technology. The P2E games and the digital collectables it offers try to bridge our routine life with virtual reality. It also offers its native token, MEVR, which supports all the DApps on the platform. You can invest in the project as it provides a transparent ecosystem.

MEVR tokenomics

The MEVR token is built on the BSC network and follows the BEP-20 token standard. The coin is hard capped at 100 million and has a burning mechanism. The platform burns around 50,000,000 tokens; the rest are divided into several parts.

Firstly, the largest portion of around 15% is allocated for sales that offer liquidity. Secondly, game development, project partnerships, and marketing departments claim 10% each. The founding team of the project gets around 5% of the tokens.

The liquidity in its ecosystem is locked for around a year. Also, the amount allocated for marketing and development teams cannot be directly accessed. Only the financial team is allowed to withdraw funds from the blockchain.

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What's the Metaverse VR price?

According to CoinMarketCap, the coin's current price is $0.038, and its market cap is $608,505. There are 18,000,000 tokens in circulation with a trading volume of $154,752 in the past 24 hours.

Currently, the coin has not gathered much attention in the market. It is ranked at #3,393, which may indicate that it has no potential. However, some predictions show steady growth in its value.

The data from suggest that the token will likely average $0.048 in the ongoing year. It could also hit the max value of $0.055. Moreover, in 2025, the price may reach the $0.10 mark and the max value of the token in the year might be $0.12.

Though it may not indicate huge gains, MEVR will potentially see an upward trend in the coming years. If the platform succeeds in creating more use cases for its NFTs and games, it will gain more attention in the market.

Where can I buy a Metaverse VR coin?

The coin is a relatively new offering in the market. That's why it is not available on most of the popular exchanges. You have four options for purchasing it through the following exchanges:


Hotbit exchange.

MEXC Global.


Bottom line

Metaverse VR project is a novel approach to the virtual world. It plans to bring software, NFT collections, and P2E games that are practical. It aims for mass adoption of the technology and bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

The platform is built on the BSC chain and is certified by various third-party auditors. It gives the platform commendable security and transparency, which is why you can easily invest in the token.

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

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