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Michael Saylor indicted for $25m tax evasion

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The tech billionaire and the Bitcoin maximalist, Michael J. Saylor, have been charged for tax evasion. Karl Racine, District of Columbia Attorney General, has accused him of evading $25m in taxes. DC AG filed the charges on Wednesday, including the allegations against his company MicroStrategy.

Michael Saylor is an American entrepreneur who co-founded MicroStrategy and serves as its Executive Chairman. Moreover, he also has been a staunch advocate of Bitcoin, even during the market downturn.

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Allegations against Michael Saylor

Racine filed the lawsuit in DC's Superior Court. According to the DC AG, the billionaire's company assisted him in evading taxes. That's why both Saylor and his firm are the defendants in the case. He further claimed that he has lived in the district for over a decade and has never fulfilled his tax obligations.

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The charges also alleged that the person falsely claimed to reside in Florida, where income taxes are not applied. However, the tech entrepreneur has been in DC for more than ten years without paying dues. He has several properties in DC, including a Georgetown penthouse apartment and a yacht on the Georgetown waterfront.

Besides, the AG is looking to recover over $100 million worth of taxes from the lawsuit. Moreover, the case used the accused billionaire's Facebook post as evidence that he has been residing in the district for years and was calling it 'home'.

Michael Saylor resigned as CEO of MicroStrategy

Earlier, the tech entrepreneur resigned from his firm's CEO position. Now, he only serves as the Executive Chairman. As the CEO of the firm, he constantly pushed for Bitcoin. He also used more than $4 billion to strengthen the company's Bitcoin treasury. However, after the lawsuit, MicroStrategy saw a 10% downward trend in its shares.

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

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