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Microsoft Crypto Mining Ban on Cloud Services

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Microsoft customers now require pre-approved written permission to mine crypto like Bitcoin. The computing giant introduced the changes earlier this month, revising its Universal License Terms for online services like Windows and Azure.

New customer terms

A note on the company website states in the Updated Acceptable Use Policy that Microsoft suggests "seeking written pre-approval" ahead of using the company's online services for mining crypto, "regardless of the term of the subscription".

The company continued by saying that "testing and research for security detections may be considered" when giving permission to mine cryptocurrency.

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First notice of Microsoft crypto mining ban

The Register noticed the Microsoft crypto update first and Microsoft explained that it made the change because "cryptocurrency mining can cause disruption and/or even impairment to Online services". The company added that crypto mining is often connected to abuse attacks and cyber fraud like "unauthorised access" to its customer resources. It concluded that the change is to protect customers and "mitigate" risks of disruption and service impairment to the Microsoft cloud.

Last year, Microsoft warned customers about a mining malware that can spread via e-mails and steal credentials easily to fetch security controls of the system.

Some reports claim that as a result of supply-chain constraints, their cloud computing systems have experienced significant capacity shortages in recent years. It is rumoured that the number of Azure data centres will continue to be restricted until the beginning of 2023.

Joining the team

The Microsoft crypto mining ban means the company joins a large number of other cloud service giants, such as Google, which also forbid users from mining cryptocurrencies without first receiving written consent. Cloud mining is prohibited on some platforms, such as Oracle, while Digital Ocean also demands formal approval.

Final word

Cloud mining is an alternate strategy for investing in cryptocurrencies that enables users to mine crypto assets without using mining hardware or equipment. Because customers don't have to pay for the equipment and associated fees, cloud mining is one of the most lucrative ways to mine cryptocurrency, according to the blockchain research organisation Blockchain Council.

Keeping all that in mind, it is always advisable to check for safer ways to start the mining journey with lots of research.

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