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Monkeyball NFT: A comprehensive guide

monkeyball nft on solana blockchain
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A platform for esports (sports video games) called Monkeyball combines the idea of NFTs with the concept of online multiplayer European football. Some have compared the Monkeyball platform to a cross between FIFA Street and World of Warcraft in terms of video games. This means users can set up/manage a fictitious team and compete against friends or use their skills in a larger online playing field where they can get paid.

The token used within the Monkeyball platform is the MBS Token, which you can identify on exchanges by the ticker $MBS. With a market cap of $14.76 million, it has a circulating supply of just over 92.2 million tokens (reports on this figure vary slightly).

The Monkeyball platform is created by the users who contribute MBS tokens, which are used to make real-world purchases of new tools, arenas, players, and skills. These tokens and purchasable items are the foundation of Monkeyball's online economy, allowing users to compete and engage in various play-to-earn activities.

After signing up, each Monkeyball user can assemble their 4-a-side (4 players on the pitch at once per team) squad of Monkey avatars.

An avatar represents you in a video game world or one of several characters under your command. These avatars will play one of four positions on the virtual field: netkeeper, striker, defender, or midfielder. Games between opposing teams are played in stadiums, which are unique virtual locations owned by users and can be viewed by spectators.

Spectators can access their Monkeyball account for free but cannot purchase or manage players or stadiums until they buy a certain amount of MBS tokens.

Monkeyball is based on the Solana blockchain

The Metaverse Monkeyball gaming platform is built around Monkeyball NFTs. Every unique location, character, or item is protected by NFT encryption, which is blockchain-based. Monkeyball NFTs rely on the Solana network, a rising star in the cryptocurrency world, to secure transactional activity on their platform while improving overall speed and usability.

Solana blockchain has become a popular hosting platform for multiple different NFT platforms because of its ease of operation and relatively high level of interoperability.

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Token MBS explained

MBS tokens are available on the Monkeyball platform and can be purchased with either fiat or digital currency (depending on where you bought your $MBS). Monkeyball stated that its platform would be fully functional on desktop and mobile devices.

MBS token is a speculative currency that can be traded between users on various crypto exchanges, but its main appeal is its in-game practical application. Because MBS tokens can be used as currency on the Monkeyball platform, users can effectively contribute to and manage an artificial economy in a virtual world.

When a client buys a unique in-game entity or commodity, it becomes theirs. It is no longer available for purchase by any other player unless the original client wishes to sell, usually for a profit. This is made possible by blockchain encryption, as the ledger stores all ownership information. Every in-game commodity or entity is an NFT and is subject to all of the standard NFT rules.

Review of Monkeyball NFT: Is it worth the hype?

The Monkeyball NFT is a worthy asset. Customers can now purchase NFTs of the stadiums where their preferred teams play, further enhancing their experience. A portion of the prize money is distributed to the winning team's stadium owners, players, and supporters following each game. This game rewards everyone, unlike your typical match, where only the players receive rewards.

If you let others play in your stadium, even if they aren't your players, you can reward yourself! It's also possible to win prizes simply for attending a game and rooting for your preferred team! MonkeyBall aims to enthuse people about sports by enabling them to simulate being there in person. All players will receive the game's native currency, MonkeyBucks (MBS).

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Author: Priya Kumari

Author: Priya Kumari

Priya is a passionate content writer and the co-founder of Finendorse. She is an enthusiastic crypto investor and has a huge interest in the upcoming digitisation age.

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