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Nakamoto Games: A Premier P2E Ecosystem

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Nakamoto Games is a leading play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem built on Polygon, where you can play several blockchain-based games and earn lucrative rewards in the form of the Nakamoto Games coin, NAKA.

The platform also enables developers to launch their P2E blockchain games seamlessly. This guide will dive into everything you MUST know about the gaming platform.


Source: Nakamoto Games

Nakamoto Games' market cap

At the time of writing, the Nakamoto Games market cap is just over $20,529,042. The NAKA token is currently valued at $0.2837, with a circulating supply of almost 65M tokens and a total/maximum supply of 180M tokens. Having launched in December 2020, it is fair to say that the Polygon-based P2E blockchain ecosystem is still fairly young.

If you want to buy or sell the NAKA token, BitMart is presently the most active crypto exchange. Other cryptocurrency exchanges to buy and sell NAKA include Quickswap and KuCoin.

You can also purchase the crypto asset on the gaming platform itself, via the P2P DEX. That said, we advise against this for three reasons:

• The price per asset varies wildly – currently, the crypto asset is up for sale at $0.06, $0.2, and $1, respectively, via three separate, verified sellers!

• We cannot vouch for the security of your funds via a P2P transfer.

• You may not be able to buy tokens in bulk.

That said, if you opt for the P2P option, ALWAYS purchase via a verified seller – sellers with a verified 'tick' by their wallet address.

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The Nakamoto Games coin

If you are a gamer looking to utilise your skills to earn quick money, this P2E ecosystem is a good start. The platform claims to enable you to “generate a sustainable and sizable income”. Of course, you must be a skilled player to earn NAKA rewards.

The platform allows anyone with a MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet to access a suite of P2E games and compete for eye-catching rewards and weekly prize pools. Mobile support is currently unavailable, and anyone with a Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera browser can access the platform via their desktop device.

The Nakamoto Games coin is at the heart of the ecosystem, providing gamers with the required “fuel” to partake in any game – for example, to acquire ammunition within a shooting game.

All NAKA tokens used within games are pooled into a weekly prize pool, a portion of which is burned (deflationary dynamics). The players who rank highest on the leaderboards for each game will receive rewards from the prize pool. The token also plays a part in ecosystem governance.

Token holders may vote on proposals like the burning of NAKA tokens and the composition of weekly prize pools. The final use case of the cryptocurrency is to incentivise developers to conduct research and development on the platform.

If you want to explore additional earning options, the platform allows players to stake their tokens for 180 days and receive a variable/fixed APR. It also boasts of a decent referral programme – for every friend (gamer) you bring to the platform, you will receive a 3% referral bonus on every game your friend plays.

What games can you play?

At the moment, you can choose from a truly large suite, including story mode and tournaments. Additionally, if you want to play for fun, without earning rewards in the platform's native token (and spending on NAKA, for starters), the platform provides a selection of free-to-play games as well!

Source: Nakamoto Games

It should be noted that free-to-play games reward players too – the top ten gamers daily receive free items as rewards!

There are several gaming categories on the platform, including action, shooting, NFT games, and sports. Choose a category you prefer, select a game that appeases you, and start playing! Here are the top ten games on the P2E blockchain gaming platform at the time of writing:





  5. ZAKA.

  6. NAKA TD.

  7. NAKA STRIKE (Single Player).



  10. NAKA STRIKE (Multi-Player).

We recommend trying story mode games, as they are known to pose a serious challenge and keep you on your toes! Other features on the platform worth exploring include Nakaverse, NAKA Punks, and Marketplace.

Nakamoto Games for developers

Much like how developers can launch their applications on the Google Play Store, Nakamoto Games enables developers to deploy their P2E blockchain games onto the platform via the Nakamoto User Base.

Developers can monetize their games and may earn rewards in the form of the platform's native cryptocurrency for their research and development efforts.

We advise you to review the platform’s whitepaper, all social media platforms, and conduct thorough research before building and launching a game on the platform. The blockchain ecosystem is fairly nascent, has a fascinating tokenomics structure, and could potentially boom in the next bull cycle – that said, as advised already, DYOR!

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