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Play-to-Earn Games: Can You Make Money?

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This guide will help you learn about the best crypto games and how to earn money with play-to-earn digital games.

Every gamer wishes to make some money while doing what they do best - playing video games. Because of crypto gaming, it is now possible to play to earn in games now.

Crypto games where you can play to earn have opened a new dimension to the gaming industry. Now, you can not only enjoy free-to-play games but can also make earnings while playing them. These play-to-earn games deal in decentralised crypto tokens. The tokens work as in-game currencies, which you can liquidate into real cash, too.

If you're new to blockchain technology, you might find it a bit confusing. This is a guide on how to earn crypto playing games and some of the best crypto games to explore!

Can You Really Earn Money Playing Crypto Games?

To most people, these games sound like a Ponzi scheme, and they often question, "are play-to-earn crypto games legit?". The short answer to that is yes.

These are blockchain games that allow you to earn in-game crypto coins. Through those coins, you can either buy other in-game accessories or can save the amount in your crypto wallet. Most often, these play-to-earn crypto games require initial investments, and that’s where most people become hesitant. However, this investment works the same way as the investments for any other cryptocurrency.

What's the Process?

Simply put, you buy an in-game character or item that can be an NFT and play the game through it. As you progress, you get in-game crypto coins. This way, you can earn crypto playing games and make large profits on your crypto investments.

Understanding Play-to-Earn Crypto Games

Play-to-earn crypto games have an economic system that works on blockchain technology. A blockchain is a database where you can store digitised data as blocks of information. Cryptocurrencies leverage this technology in the best way. The reason for that is to make it a safe and secure alternative to standard currencies.

Information on blockchains is unchangeable. So, it provides transparency for each transaction in the blockchain. Also, as blockchains are decentralised, there is no single authority to control them, and all the users share their control.

You will find many play-to-earn crypto games now having their cryptocurrencies. They can either be free-to-play games or might need an upfront investment. Nonetheless, you can make profits from it by playing the games. These play-to-earn games run on a rewarding system. So, when you complete a mission or challenge, you get rewards in the game’s native cryptocurrency or NFTs.

What’s the Purpose of NFTs in Blockchain Games?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are not only digital pieces of art, but they have several other real-world uses as well. One of which is their role in the gaming world. In gaming, an NFT can be your playable character or an in-game item that helps you in the gameplay. NFTs are the in-game currency instead of crypto tokens in some play-to-earn games.

When you play crypto games, you have to buy these in-game NFTs at the beginning of the game. These NFTs become your digital assets and let you earn profits. As you advance through different levels or complete quests, you can get in-game currency, aka NFTs, as rewards.

The best thing about NFTs in play-to-earn games is that they have real-world value. When you own an in-game NFT, you can also trade it for real money. Besides, as your digital assets live on an immutable ledger, your transactions will be secure. So, you can sell, buy, or rent the in-game NFTs as per your wish.

Best Crypto Games to Make Money: The Top Five!

Now that you know the potential of crypto gaming, you might be interested in earning crypto by playing games. So, here’s the list of the best crypto games that you might want to explore to make large profits!

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1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a leading play-to-earn crypto game. It is an NFT-based game that deals with two Ethereum currencies. The first is SLP - Smooth Love Potion - and the second is AXS - Axie Infinity token. AXS token has a higher value which is $21.65. On the other hand, the SLP value is relatively low, only $0.005587. Axie Infinity is of the battle genre. There are different NFT characters, which you can buy and start playing the game. These NFT characters are Axies, who accompany you like your pets as you compete in battles. The entire in-game economy of Axie Infinity revolves around Axies. You can breed them, raise them, and can trade the accessories. However, your main goal for earning more is to collect as many Axies as possible.

2. Illuvium

For a crypto game that can earn you high profits, Illuvium is worth trying. It is another NFT-based game where you can collect NFTs to earn crypto. The game’s cryptocurrency is referred to as ILV. ILV’s one token is worth $303.74, which shows the game’s immense potential. Illuvium is a sci-fi auto battler game having seven adventurous alien landscapes. It works on the Ethereum blockchain and has a variety of collectibles. These collectibles include alien creatures called Illuvial. Illuvium’s gameplay involves capturing and training Illuvials to form a strong team. You will have a better opportunity to earn ILV tokens when you complete its PVE quests, gain special achievements, or win tournament games.

3. Decentraland

Decentraland is one of the most popular titles among metaverse games. It is also a play-to-earn game that offers a stable crypto token, MANA. You can consider investing in MANA to generate a steady income stream. Currently, one MANA is around USD 1.19 and shows potential to make further gains. This game offers a 3D virtual reality platform where you can build anything you like. From an e-store to a separate Decentraland game - you can build it all. To earn through this game, you have to buy a piece of land and wait till its price appreciates. However, Decentraland also offers several other crypto earning streams. It includes developing your games, organising events, minting NFTs, or working for other landowners in the metaverse.

4. The Sandbox

Another popular play-to-earn game cryptocurrency is SAND from The Sandbox game. Like Decentraland, the Sandbox is a metaverse platform. Its crypto token, SAND, is a stablecoin, having a current price value of USD 1.34.

On Sandbox, anyone can create games, as you do not need coding knowledge for its development. Moreover, if you are an artist, you can create NFTs with its VoxEdit tool. But for minting them, you would need approval from the creator’s fund.

The crypto earning streams, the Sandbox offers to mint NFTs and buy land to create castles or gaming experiences. It also allows players to buy a piece of land in the metaverse.

5. Pegaxy

Pegaxy is a futuristic racing game based in the Pegasus Galaxy. In Pegaxy, players buy Pega (horses) to compete and win the races and collect Vigorus (VIS) – the in-game crypto token. As of now, VIS does not have a high real-world price, but the game looks quite promising.

Pegaxy has immersive visuals and involves competitive gameplay. The game has PvP mode, where you can compete with your own pega. When purchasing pegas, you have choices; the game offers a wide range of pegas with different characteristics. Besides racing, you can also breed pegas or rent them to earn more coins.


Crypto has unlocked a new dimension to the gaming world. Now you can play games and earn crypto simultaneously. The gaming industry now has a genre of play-to-earn crypto games that have their own crypto tokens. These games reward you with digital assets that can be in-game currency or NFTs. You can trade or liquidate these digital assets for cash, as they are worth real money. Exploring some of the best crypto games might be an excellent idea for any gamer looking to play and earn money!

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

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