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Polkacity Price Could Rise as Updates Arrive

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Polkacity is a multi-chain Metaverse game that allows players to generate a passive income by simply holding NFTs. In the virtual world blockchain game, players can own virtual locations and have a steady passive income. It's native token, POLC, price could be linked to game development.

Each location within the world has actual value in the form of an NFT, which generates income in the form of a POLC token.

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How does it work?

The workings of Polkacity are quite simple. Once registered as a valid player or member of the Polkacity community, you can start buying and investing in assets.

The virtual world has a GTA-esque vibe and operates on the same principle; players can own assets in the form of taxis, gas stations, energy stations, services, and so much more.

Once players pick their preferred asset, they are provided with a contract address. From there, they have to make a deposit to the contract address shared with them. Once payment is made, players can expect to receive payments every week in their wallets.

If you invest in assets like the hotel in the game, you can make big money. Once the game is fully functional, you can expect to receive more than 13,000 POLC tokens in a week with bigger assets.

To elaborate, Polkacity is a hub for investors. The Polkacity price will only increase as the game picks up pace and functions at full capacity. The team at Polkacity uses resources available within the Metaverse, such as DeFi and NFTs, to make it easier for private investors to get the assets they want. In other words, every community member can make a passive income by investing in assets that work best for them.

How to play Polkacity

Anyone interested in playing Polkacity and being a part of the growing community can access the game through a mobile application or desktop. The game is available to play on both PC and Mac.

The game remains in its beta phase, so new additions and improvements are made daily. As the team at Polkacity works hard to add better controls, new city-wide features, and improved graphics, Polkacity price is expected to go up. On the other hand, players in the Metaverse can already move freely by car, on foot, and by other modes of transportation.

The Polkacity token, POLC, stands at £0.03111. The token at the time of writing has a circulating supply of 83,414,352 and its market cap is at £1,771,886.60.

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