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Prime Ape Planet NFT Explained

prime ape planet nft
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Projects such as Prime Ape Planet NFT, a fully-fledged non-fungible token project with a unique and desirable NFT collection, are an incredible example of blockchain evolution.

Due to its flexibility and high profits on investment, the blockchain industry has grown faster than any other industry. The introduction of non-fungible tokens and blockchain-based projects has been a critical factor in the blockchain's adaptation. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have gradually evolved from digital assets to digital assets with various applications used across multiple blockchain verticals.

What are Prime Ape Planet NFTs?

Purchasing an NFT grants users the rights to digital art and places them in a digital community with other investors in the project. Kurtis Dawe, Travis Smith, and Chris Hogstead, three leading digital designers, collaborated on the project. All have over a decade of experience working on Hollywood visual effects and costumes, which explains the high level of artwork in Prime Ape NFTs.

More than $84 million, equal to over 25k Ethereum, has been traded since the project's inception, which sold out in 30 minutes. It has 420k members on its discord, where investors can chat, compete for whitelist spots, and receive updates from the developers.

How many Prime Ape Planet NFTs are there?

Each of the 7,684 Apes has highly detailed individual characteristics. As a result, each one is unique, which is a pretty cool feature for holders.

An Ape has a variety of different features. Accessories, clothing, earrings, emotion, eyes, glasses, hats, jackets, mouth props, necklaces, noses, skin, and teeth are among them. With each option typically having a sub-option with up to ten additional characteristics, it's easy to see how distinct each Prime Ape NFT can be.

Each characteristic has a different rarity, which determines the ape's overall rarity (and usually decides its value). A Samurai hat, for example, is one of only 26 in the entire collection, making it an extremely rare trait. This trait is so uncommon that the cheapest Samurai hat Ape is available for 3.5 ETH.

Prime Ape Planet NFT Collections

There is presently only one official Prime Ape Planet collection, separated into sub-collections based on the abovementioned features. However, the designers have also built Kong Planet, another ape-based project. It focuses on gorillas rather than apes.

Another official collection will launch shortly. These sub-projects have significantly less value than the mother project, but because the price is so high, a sub-project might generate enormous hype if published. To be specific, the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club published the Mutant Ape Yacht Club project in 2021, which was a spin on the original painting.

The Prime Ape Planet Ecosystem

The Prime Ape Planet's entire ecosystem focuses on making it a community-inclusive endeavour. The project's features and future roll-outs concentrate in that direction. The ecosystem's main attraction is the colourful assortment of NFTs and the artistic persons behind their creations.

Prime Ape Planet, an exclusive NFT initiative, is divided into three categories:

• The Prime Kongs.

• The Prime Apes.

• The Infected Apes.

Each of the NFTs mentioned attributes its success to a renowned artist noted for their contributions to the art world.

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Prime Kongs:

This is one of the universe's most valuable and unusual NFTs. Kurtis Dave, one of the key designers, hand-draws and designs the Prime Kong NFTs. He has past artistic experience working on big-budget animation productions such as The Lion King and Godzilla. The Prime Kong NFTs are powerful and tranquil in the entire planet's universe. The Prime Kong NFT sold out within two minutes of its introduction, with a projected trading volume of 4.9k ETH, equal to 10 million+ USD.

Prime Apes:

The Prime Ape NFT is a familiar but one-of-a-kind masterpiece NFT in the ecosystem. Combined with adaptive regimes, it produces a broad selection of Prime Ape NFTs that community members can purchase based on their preferences.

Infected Apes:

To make an infected ape NFT, combine Prime Ape NFTs with poisoned bananas. These NFTs feature a new design and dimension users use for staking and earning more significant returns. On its maiden offer, it sold out in almost 38 minutes, with a trading volume of 29.3K ETH and 84+ million USD.

Propaganda for a community-involved project

Apart from success as an NFT project, the entire Prime Ape Planet is, as previously said, a community-exclusive initiative. The project's long-term goals include establishing an exclusive NFT-holder community. Community members can use their NFTs to access apps such as P2E gaming, vote on new projects, and much more in the coming days.

Aside from these applications, the project ecosystem plans to integrate real-world apps with the project shortly, providing holders access to unique discounts, events at exotic locations, and more.

The project also intends to launch its goods line soon, using a print-on-demand technique. Members of the holders-only community platform will have access to these goods lines. The retail line will allow users to experience their NFTs in the real world while also letting them feel like part of a fantastic community.

Prime Ape Planet NFT Analysis

Let us now examine the various aspects of the Prime Ape Planet NFT project that make it an attractive investment. For reference, there are typically three major considerations NFT investors should consider when investing in an NFT project.

Community - If the project has amassed a sizeable following on Discord, Twitter, and other social media platforms, it has generated some buzz. This excitement attracts investors and drives up the project's price on the secondary market.

Roadmap – The roadmap is where the project's real-world utility is. A roadmap is a forward-thinking strategy highlighting the project's future plans. Potential investors can learn from the roadmap whether the project provides essential utility, which may push up the NFT project's bottom price in the future.

Artwork - When it comes to the NFT space, the painting is of the highest quality. Furthermore, the vast number of character qualities makes each NFT highly distinct and unique, adding to the visual value of the pieces.

The main reason for the high price combines the abovementioned factors. First and foremost, it has a strong community; second, the artwork is detailed; and third, the roadmap is quite interesting. When these factors come into any NFT project, they produce high-value NFTs. When these NFTs gain traction and sell at high market prices, investors enter the enterprise, and it tends to snowball from there.

The most expensive Prime Ape Planet NFT featured as 'Buy Now' on OpenSea is 666666 ETH, approximately 1.3 billion USD. Even though this is the most expensive item on the list, it is unlikely that anyone will spend that much on it. One significant acquisition from OpenSea was Prime Ape Planet #4279, purchased for 69 ETH.

Users must have an Ethereum wallet to purchase a Prime Ape Planet NFT. To obtain this, they must first sign up for a wallet. Users should utilise a wallet to store various cryptos as it is highly safe, and users can use it on multiple devices.

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Author: Emmanuel Baiden

Author: Emmanuel Baiden

7 years experience within the financial services sector most notably in Sales, Trading, research and writing articles within the crypto space. I have a bachelor's degree in International Business and a Master's in Investment and Risk Finance . I am also an associate member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.

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