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Python: Get Crypto Prices from Binance

python get crypto prices binance
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Given the volume of people searching for 'Python get crypto prices Binance', there is clearly a high demand for using the Python programming language to obtain data from the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange.

If you have been Googling 'Python get crypto prices Binance', then this article might help you understand how to create and use the Python-Binance API.

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, Binance has established itself as a market leader. According to, it now ranks first in Bitcoin volume and well in several other currencies.

Using Python or a variety of other programming languages, you could easily use the Binance API that helps your device to connect with the Binance servers. An API allows data to be transferred between software products. This entire process is done with a set of programming codes. It also includes the terms of the data transfer. You can use the Binance API to robotize your trading.

Binance provides the RESTful API, which consists of an assembly of interlinked resources and sends and receives data via HTTP queries. It conforms to the design principles of the REST, or representational state transfer architectural style. A WebSocket, a computer communications protocol, is also provided, allowing data like price quotations and account updates to be streamed.

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How to install Python Binance

To install Python Binance, you could use the pip package manager. This Python library allows you to access data such as price-related information using the Binance API. Don't worry if you are not a programmer; it is not such a challenging task. You don't need to have coding experience to install Python Binance.

Go to the command line, terminal, or the shell on your device and type “$ pip install python-binance”.

How to create Binance API

With the help of an API, you can get data directly from the Binance's servers with the assistance of various programming languages, in this case Python. You can interact with the Binance data via third-party applications, and look at your wallet status and your past transactions, trade, and deposit. You can also withdraw money from third-party programs, which reduces your workload and automates the overall process.

Step 1: Log in to your Binance account and click on the user centre icon. Here you will get a dropdown menu. Click on API Management.

Step 2: Once you click the API Management button, you will be directed to a page to create an API. Here you will be asked to label the API and proceed. Also, enable two-factor authentication on your account, which is essential for creating an API.

Step 3: You will be asked to complete the security verification, like email verification, phone verification, or Google verification, with your registered device.

Step 4: Your API is created, and you will be asked to take note of the IP access restrictions.

Connect to client object using Python

As you have already installed Python-Binance and you have your Binance API, you need the Python library and to connect it to the Binance client.

You could achieve this using the following four command lines:

from python-binance import Client

api_key = "your api key"

api_secret = "your api secret key"


How to get all the coins available on the platform with their respective price

To get the price, simply write the following line of code:

getPrice = client.get_all_tickers()

However, the data format that you get as output is quite unreadable. To solve this problem, you must install and import pandas in the Python document to stock the available data in a DataFrame. Command line to install pandas:

pip install pandas

import pandas as pd

You could also get historical data from the DataFrame by specifying the asset, start date, end date, and time frame.

Now, you could retrieve the information using the command:

historicalData =pd.DataFrame(assert,timeframe,start,end)

Now, if you want to view the data graphically, you must install and import the mplfinance library.

As we already have all the data and the graph using Binance Python API, we could easily confirm our trading strategy by looking into how an asset performed in a given custom time set.

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Author: Priya Kumari

Author: Priya Kumari

Priya is a passionate content writer and the co-founder of Finendorse. She is an enthusiastic crypto investor and has a huge interest in the upcoming digitisation age.

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