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RobotEra Metaverse Token Presale Update

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A revolutionary project in the Metaverse industry, RobotEra, is still offering its native token for presale. The TARO token of the virtual world is up for grabs at only 0.020 USDT.

The sale started in the last month of 2022 and will be completed in Q1 2023.

RobotEra Metaverse is still in its initial phase, as it was launched in the last quarter of 2022. It’s a unique take on GameFi and Metaverse as it introduces an entirely decentralised ecosystem.

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The RobotEra presale

Though the project is still in its developmental phase, it has gained traction from crypto investors and gamers alike. Since it is an ecosystem of various Web3 offerings, it shows signs of tremendous growth. This is why the TARO presale has received a phenomenal response from the community.

TARO launched in December 2022, and, so far, it has sold more than 46,382,380 tokens out of 90,000,000. The project has accumulated more than $927,647, while the team has set a target of $1.8 million.

RobotEra - Metaverse, P2E gaming, and NFTs

The project protocol is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, making it a secure platform for gamers. It is a complete Web3 ecosystem that involves its virtual world, blockchain game, and digital collectables.

So, whether you are a crypto enthusiast, gamer, or digital art collector, you will likely enjoy the project.

The blockchain game it offers has the play-to-earn (P2E) mechanism. You can earn rewards when you play its games and finish quests. The rewards are usually in the native token, TARO. But it can also offer you an NFT to upgrade your avatar or boost your powers. You can also cash out its crypto through exchanges or swap it with other crypto tokens.

The RobotEra platform works like The Sandbox, but is a multiverse for robots. You enter it as a robot and can create different experiences, socialise, play, and explore the virtual world.

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

Wasay Ali is a versatile professional writer with global experience and a background in mechanical engineering and social science. He is adept at crafting news and informational content for the crypto space and has experience writing for other niches. He is a professional SEO content writer who has worked with several digital marketing agencies and clients in the US, UK, Pakistan, and Europe. He is a dedicated volunteer and enjoys reading, writing, poetry, and going to the gym. He is an INFJ-A personality type dedicated to positively impacting the world. Wasay has a passion for writing as it allows him to express his creativity, share his knowledge, and connect with people worldwide.


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