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Sandbox Price Prediction: What next for SAND?

sandbox price
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Sandbox price has been trading between $0.9708 and $3.83 in the last three months, per CoinMarketCap. As one of the most demanded Metaverse coins, millions of people continue to search for the price of sand crypto and are saving money towards buying sandbox coins. Unfortunately, several novice traders and investors are alien to the factors that drive the sandbox token price. Moni Talks has seen the plight of small capital investors with less money to risk and delves into the primary drivers of the sandbox crypto price.

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What factors affect the Sandbox price?

Some factors that impact the sandbox price and affect the sandbox market cap include partnerships, development activity, trading volume, and the Metaverse.

As one of the highly recognizable NFT marketplaces, the Sandbox is always forging new alliances that will impact its ecosystem positively. One such partnership is with the financial services company MasterCard. The payment processing company announced on Friday, 10 June 2022, that it has added the Sandbox and other NFT marketplaces to bring its payment network to Web3.

It is widely known that the digital collectibles space is largely dominated by the use of crypto through wallets to facilitate transactions. This partnership will make it possible for MasterCard users who do not understand the complexities of blockchain technology, crypto wallets, and NFTs to purchase digital collectibles using their debit and credit cards. Such news bodes well for the crypto sand price and improves its ranking in terms of market capitalisation.

According to the Sanbase (a data-driven portal), the Sandbox trails Decentraland (MANA), Flow, LUKSO (LYXe), and Aavegotchi (GHST) concerning development activity. Per Market Insider, more than 60% of UK and US-based video game developers are using blockchain technology due to the boom in decentralised finance (DeFi) and Gaming Finance (GameFi). More developers mean more variety of games with types of NFT assortments that can be traded for money. This normally results positively in the valuation of a cryptocurrency.

Investor interest is expressed in trading volume. When the volume of SAND goes up, the price rises. As of writing, Sandbox price was under $1, and volume was $350 million, which corresponded to a market capitalisation of $1.2 billion. When SAND reached an all-time high (ATH) of $8.44 on 25 November 2021, trading volume for the day was $11.08 billion, and this corresponded to a market value of $7.5 billion. This means that the Sandbox’s volume has decreased by 96% and the Sandbox market cap is down by 83%.

Watch trading volume carefully because it plays a valuable role in fundamental and technical analysis. Volume is directly linked to the number of centralised and decentralised platforms that support SAND. As of June 2022, SAND can be found on approximately 18 exchanges.

As an integral part of the Metaverse, the Sandbox NFT sales volume impacts the Sandbox price. The Sandbox is 14th on the list of the biggest NFT collection rankings by sales volume, with more than $370 million in combined sales volume, per data retrieved from CryptoSlam.

The factors mentioned above drive the Sandbox price and will impact the coin's value in the short, medium, and long term.

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Author: Raphael Minter

Raphael Minter/ Albert Zuhnden (preferred pen name) is a crypto finance writer, data miner, and fundamental analyst. Raphael has written hundreds of articles about centralized and decentralized financial instruments such as precious metals, commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. He broke into digital finance in 2016 and believes digital assets and blockchain technology is the future of finance.

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