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Saule Omarova to be Nominated as Head of OCC

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US President, Joe Biden, will nominate the anti-crypto, Saule Omarova, for the top position of OCC. The official White House website continues its series of nominations since yesterday evening.

There is no text about Omarova's nomination on the president's website, but it does mention that she has worked "in various capacities at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System".

The nomination was announced in a press release that thanks for all past work rather than just announcing a new name.

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Omarova Sceptical of Crypto

It is unknown whether this will have any effect on the current plans to recognize virtual currencies as commodities , but it certainly seems strange timing for Omarova to take office. This may be seen as negative news within the crypto industry as Omarova is known to have previously been sceptical of cryptocurrencies and even argued for their banning.

She had previously spoke at a hearing on virtual currencies where she said that cryptocurrencies should be considered as any other type of financial instrument and therefore require maximum transparency, describing them as "trustless".

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