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Sell DOGE in 4 Simple Steps

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Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency that started as a joke in 2013 and became the highlight of the crypto space in 2021. Last year, DOGE saw a surge of over 200% as Elon Musk, Tesla Founder, started advocating for the token.

However, today, the Dogecoin price is stuck around $0.065 only. Its lack of real-world usage and dying hype are some reasons behind its decline. That’s why many investors are opting out and selling their Dogecoins.

If you are looking to sell DOGE after considering the current market trends, follow this simple stepwise guide! How to sell Dogecoin?


The following guide will show you how to sell DOGE in a step-by-step manner:

  1. Find out a crypto exchange to sell DOGE Firstly, find a credible crypto exchange through which you can sell your Dogecoins. You can trade this cryptocurrency on numerous exchanges; you should go for popular and credible names like Binance, Kraken, OKX, or Coinbase.

In addition, you should check the trading fees and the withdrawal fees on each. Besides, consider the exchange rates for tokens or fiat currencies.

  1. Set up your account Afterwards, set up your account on the exchange so that you can send and sell DOGE through it. It will be a straightforward process, where you will need to provide your email and phone number. Then set up a secure password and verify your details through the verification code provided via email. Finally, agree to terms and conditions and proceed with signing up.

  2. Transfer Dogecoin to your exchange wallet Once you have set up your account on the exchange, you will be ready to send your Dogecoins to its wallet. You can do that simply by going to the wallet, choosing Dogecoin as your depositing token, and proceeding with the deposit.

It will open a form where you would need to fill in the details of the amount and from where you want to transfer your Dogecoins. Here copy-paste your wallet address, where you currently hold the coins. Verify the address and insert the amount of transfer. Finally, click on send and wait for the deposit confirmation.

  1. Finally, sell Doge! Now, sell DOGE by either selecting a limit or market order. A limit order allows you to exchange Dogecoin at your desired limit, while a market order allows you to sell at the current market price of the coin.


Selling Dogecoin is a straightforward procedure that includes selecting a trusted exchange and creating an account there. After that, transfer your Dogecoins to the exchange wallet and finally sell DOGE through either limit order or market order. This guide only simplifies the procedure of selling this digital coin. Therefore, it’s advisable to conduct your research before making financial decisions.

Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

I'm a content writer with adequate SEO knowledge. My hobby is to exercise, read and write. My writing experience currently expands to 2 years and I’ve worked on multiple niches, including finance. My versatility and research skills make me the best at what I do: content & SEO writing. I love writing because it pitches in and helps me learn new things daily.


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