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Solice: The First Cross-Platform VR Metaverse

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Solice is a virtual reality Metaverse on the Solana blockchain enabling users to engage in activities such as gaming, creating 3D model assets and building mini-games, socialising, and earning money through their virtual experiences.

By supporting multiple platforms, Solice eliminates the need for users to have the same hardware, software, or operating system. This allows for easy interaction and connection with friends and family, leading to potential rapid growth in the user base.

In this game, players can gather various pets, gemstones, and other collectable items such as NFTs, create assets and mini-games, and construct land plots. Additionally, players can acquire tokens and other unique assets by completing tasks, overcoming challenges in dungeons, and reaching high scores through active involvement and construction in the virtual world.

This VR Metaverse is designed to mimic the flexibility of real life, providing users with a governance mechanism based on a liquid democracy and rules inspired by the real world, which a DAO controls through the Solice native token.

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Earn rewards in the Solice Metaverse

  1. Trade in the Metaverse - The Solice market is an online exchange platform, but it is also working on introducing a marketplace within the Metaverse. This feature would enable users to see objects in a 3D VR environment, giving potential buyers a more engaging and personalised experience.

  2. Earn - Users can earn SLC tokens and other rare assets by completing dungeons, mini-games, and quests or by receiving entrance fees for their creations. Additionally, they can earn additional SLC tokens by staking them in the Metaverse.

  3. Create - Solice is introducing a custom editor, an SDK that provides users with a user-friendly way to create, assemble and share 3D models and mini-games. This would be an initiative to empower individual creators by providing them with an intuitive and flexible platform to create whatever they desire. Users can design their 3D models, animate them, and then sell or share them on the marketplace.

Solice Metaverse secures investment

This VR and cross-platform PC game created in 2021 by Christian Zhang raised $4.3M in funding in a Seed round on 1 December, 2021. The most recent investors were Maven Capital and DeFiance Capital.

Prominent crypto investors Animoca Brands and DeFiance Capital were leading investors in the project, with support from "strategic backers and partners" such as Alameda Research, KuCoin Labs, and others.

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