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Spider Tanks review: Learn, play, and earn

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The concept behind play-to-earn games has been around for a while, but the rapid rise of NFTs and Web3 technologies has brought them to the limelight. As the increasing number of blockchain games begins to bring a tangible meaning to the term "play-to-earn", this article focuses on the popular Spider Tanks NFT game, how to play it, and the potential to earn a good income while you play.

What are play-to-earn games?

Play-to-earn (P2E) is the name given to a class of blockchain-based games where you can earn income directly or indirectly as you play. Players generate digital income, which they can later materialize, meaning they can transfer their earnings into the real world using blockchain technology.

Most P2E games use non-fungible tokens (NFTs in terms of characters, potions, outfits, armor, or weapons), which are solely unique assets the players own. P2E games thrive on NFTs and in-game cryptocurrencies, and the rarity of NFTs offers real monetary value in the games' economic ecosystem.

Spider Tanks overview

Spider Tanks is a free-to-play PVP (player versus player) game where players can choose from numerous weapons and tank bodies to engage in arena-based combat. Developed by award-winning Dutch company Gamedia, the game offers several P2E mechanisms revolving around skill-based competition, gathering resources, and player-driven upgrade cycles.

The multiplayer PVP NFT game built on the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem can be played on PCs and macOS. The game’s developers aim to make it a global P2E eSports game where players can compete against a familiar group of close friends or strangers.

The game solely focuses on tank battles and features unique aesthetics, uptight gameplay, and a fascinating upgrade system that makes it potentially profitable. The game's cycle leverages on rarity and benefits accrued from NFT Weapons, Tanks, and Bodies. Some core aspects of the tanks include the following:

  • All tanks have a weapon and a body as the main components.

  • Players can use every weapon to create different options for their tanks.

  • All components are NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain and carry different values.   

  • Players can earn new NFT pieces as they play and earn higher P2E titles.

Game Options

Spider Tanks presents three diverse game modes with different objectives over variable maps. Winning your games increases your potential to earn greater rewards afterward. Players make in-game currency they can use in their Garage (a place they can visit between battles to equip their parts and add weapons to their tanks). Players can rent out or sell their upgraded tanks for in-game currency. These modes are:

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Team Deathmatch  

Team Deathmatch is the classic PVP game featuring two teams of three players battling to the death, with the team executing the most kills at the close winning.

Capture the Flag

This mode features an old-style game but introduces a significant control aspect where opposing teams battle it for a flag. Teams garner points every time they hold the flag; the team with the most points at the end is the winner.

Capture the Chicken

The Capture the Chicken mode is designed to have a player rescue as many chickens as possible spread around the map and return them to their base. Under normal circumstances, Tanks and Chickens have nothing in common, but this game mode creates a unique possibility.  

How to earn SILK tokens

Spider Tanks players can earn SILK tokens every time they win a game. As usual, better performance translates to greater rewards. You can also earn the in-game SILK tokens renting out your tanks for 24 hours in exchange for 50% of their earnings when someone wins with the tank. Take note, though, that the rank of your tank NFT defines your efficiency in earning SILK.

Should you play Spider Tanks?

Spiders Tanks is an exciting P2E game that’s high-speed, intense, competitive, and packed with uniquely stylized graphics that bring real character to NFT gaming. That some players can easily earn a significant income by playing is a good enough incentive for anyone to try it out.

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