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What is Stakemoon Coin?

stakemoon coin
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Stakemoon coin is an Ethereum-based token that aims to become the cryptocurrency of choice for online gaming. Within this space, there are many problems that need to be addressed.

Gaming platforms charge high transaction fees and offer a limited selection of games. Users have to deposit funds before playing games, which is inconvenient for some players who might only have small amounts of money.

It's also not easy to get rid of tokens once you've lost them in a game - unlike fiat currencies, where you can simply walk into a bank and exchange your money for another currency. These issues will change after the launch of the service on the Qtum blockchain.

Through the Stakemoon platform, users will be able to launch their own games and create an online store through which they can buy virtual goods and sell digital services at market prices.

To put it another way, this will allow gamers to pay real-world prices for virtual goods or services without having to use weird cryptocurrencies with high transaction fees or restricted payment methods.

Let's look at how Stakemoon plans to solve these issues and more within this review.

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How the Stakemoon Coin Works

A significant challenge in online gaming is the lack of liquidity. There's no easy way to exchange your tokens for fiat currency and no way to sell your goods or services without using a third party.

Stakemoon plans on solving this issue by offering a wallet that can be used as a marketplace. This will allow gamers to buy, sell, and trade their virtual goods without having to use shady cryptocurrencies or third parties.

The Stakemoon platform also includes a gamer who offers "game sponsorship plugins," which allow gamers to incorporate their own game into the Stakemoon platform. This means that Stakemoon can provide an easier way for games on other platforms, such as Steam or Xbox Live, to offer stakes through the Stakemoon platform and gain more players.

The Future of Gaming with STM

Gamers will be able to launch their own games and earn from the transactions made within them. Players can also get a share of the revenue generated from the games launched on the platform, which is something that's not possible with other gaming platforms.

They partnered with QTUM, an up-and-coming blockchain technology company, to make these benefits possible.

Stakemoon Coin is the token of an innovative blockchain gaming platform that uses smart contracts and blockchain power to create new and innovative games that are better and more fun than ever before.

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Author: Hassan Alzaza

Author: Hassan Alzaza

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