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Tamadoge 101 - A New Meme Coin

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Dogecoin introduced a new genre among cryptocurrencies, which is meme coin. It was followed by the tokens like Shiba Inu, Baby Doge, Dogelon Mars, and others. Now, a newcomer, Tamadoge is making waves in the industry.

The meme coin introduces you to the Tamaverse. It is a fun play-to-earn (P2E) game where these tokens are the natives. The gameplay and the platform's working are similar to Axie Infinity. Here, Tamadoges are your NFT pets; you can breed, mint, train, or fight battles with them.

Are you wondering what’s the hype about Tamaverse and whether you can generate profits with TAMA? Let’s find out!

How does the Tamadoge P2E platform work?

Tamaverse introduces a complete crypto game that could compete with top-rated play-to-earn games. The ecosystem is inspired by Dogecoin, and the game is themed on it. It offers its native cryptocurrency, Tamadoge (TAMA), and Shiba Inu-like non-fungible tokens.

It is an idle fighting game that you have to play with your pet Tamadoges. You can train them for the fights and breed and mint them to get more NFTs. You can also improve your ranking on each month’s leaderboard as you win battles.

Moreover, the game plans to create augmented reality-based gaming experiences in the coming years. It will allow you to socialise with fellow gamers through your NFT characters. Therefore, Tamaverse is considered to be a much more advanced version of the Doge ecosystem.

What’s Tamadoge crypto (TAMA)?

Tamadoge crypto is the utility token on the platform. You can make all types of trades within the ecosystem through TAMA. Currently, each TAMA token’s value is $0.01712, according to CoinMarketCap. Furthermore, there is a max supply of 2,000,000,000 tokens with a market capitalisation of $22,601,744.

It is a deflationary token, so there are currently 1,418,004,176 TAMA in circulation. From the total supply, 50% was introduced in the market at the presale, and 20% was reserved for the exchange pool. Another 30% is dedicated to future Tamadoge projects and will be unlocked in 10 years.

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Tamadoge: Why all the hype?

Although it has many similarities with meme coins, it is backed by an innovative and diverse project. It is the first project which is not only famous for memes but also offers various utilities.

The token was launched in July 2022 and already has a market cap of $22,601,744. It is a remarkable feat for any blockchain project undertaken in a crypto winter. Moreover, the crypto has also made its all-time high of $0.1957 a couple of months back. It is showing an upward movement of around 28% in the past 24 hours.

The platform aims to shape a Metaverse through P2E gaming and incorporating augmented reality. That's why it is gaining the attention of both the meme community and gamers. Because of this, it is well-positioned to make strides in the future.

How to buy TAMA?

If you are intrigued by this meme coin, here’s how you can buy it!

  1. Create an OKX account Tamadoge is listed only on a few crypto exchanges as of now. However, OKX exchange is one of them, and you can easily purchase TAMA through it. Firstly, you have to create an account on the exchange.

It is a straightforward task that requires your phone number, email, and a secure password. You can go ahead with the signup by providing these details and then confirm your account with the code link.

  1. Purchase USDT Afterward, you must purchase Tether (USDT to get TAMA coins. Use your card, debit or credit, to buy the stablecoin from OKX directly. If you already own USDT in another wallet, you can transfer the amount to the exchange wallet.

  2. Buy TAMA With this, you will be all set to buy TAMA coins from OKX. Here, go to the Trade option and then click on Spot Trade. Then look for the USDT/TAMA trading pair and select the Market tab. Finally, enter the amount of Tamadoge you want and proceed with Buy TAMA.

Closing thoughts

Tamadoge is a new addition to the group of meme coins. Since its launch, it has created much buzz in the industry in such a small span.

Its diverse TamaVerse attracts gamers, too, as it offers P2E functioning. Also, as it aims to introduce AR-based experiences, it will further increase the use cases of the coin. Therefore, the hype for this new coin is very much justified.

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

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