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Teach Global Blockchain Technology in Schools: NY Mayor

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Blockchain and cryptocurrency market technology should be taught in schools, according to the incoming New York mayor.

The comments come just days after New York Mayor-elect Eric Adams said he wanted to receive his first three wage packets in Bitcoin (BTC).

His latest comments, during an interview with CNN, reinforced his stance on cryptocurrency technology, with Adams suggesting schools should be teaching crypto.

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'The New Way of Thinking'

He said: ‘We must open our schools to teach the technology, to teach this new way of thinking.’

Adams described cryptocurrency as ‘a new way of paying for goods and services throughout the entire globe’ as he urged schools to prepare students for the ‘new way of thinking’ created by by blockchain technology and digital assets.

In part, his call for crypto education was prompted by his experience with young New Yorkers. He told CNN: ‘When I talked about blockchain and Bitcoin, young people on the street stopped and asked me “What is that?”.’

New York Should Remain a Centre of Innovation

The comments by Adams received a mixed reaction on social media, with some saying cryptocurrency technology ‘must’ become part of school curricula and others arguing schools should remain focused on teaching core subjects and the basic concepts of finance first.

During the interview, Adams suggested he will encourage businesses in New York to accept cryptocurrencies as payment. While he insisted such a move would be taken carefully to ‘get it right’, Adams insisted it was necessary to ensure New York remains a ‘center of innovation, no matter what that innovation is’.

If the school plan suggested by Adams was implemented, New York wouldn’t be the first US city to do so.

Earlier this year, a bill was passed by the Georgia House of Representatives which called for state education officials to implement in high schools a financial literacy programme which would include crypto.

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