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How to Avoid Telegram Crypto Scams

telegram crypto scams
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Telegram a playground for crypto scams: How to avoid cryptocurrency scammers and identify telegram crypto scams.

Cryptocurrency Scammers are relentlessly looking for ways to scam crypto investors. They have practically scammed people through almost all the available social media platforms, and telegram is one of these platforms. Telegram crypto scams have gradually become almost an everyday thing. Most cryptocurrency companies use telegrams to create awareness for their tokens, making it one of the most used platforms for crypto investors. 

Telegram crypto scams can be avoided

To prevent Telegram crypto scams, you to needs to first know how to identify them. Most of the scams are done by bots programmed to coax crypto investors into giving their two-factor authentication, leaving their accounts entirely vulnerable to Scammers. Unfortunately, these bots are often disguised as support channels, making it easier to deceive some crypto investors, especially those new to the crypto space. 

The bot scam has become rampant on telegram, to the extent that anyone can actually access these bots even without being a coder, by simply buying the bots. Not all cryptocurrency companies are real or genuine; some of them are merely schemes to rip unsuspecting victims off. Joining a huge crypto community makes it possible for a lot of strangers to gain access to your profile or send you messages, do not trust every information you hear. 

How can Telegram crypto scams be prevented?

Here are some important tips to help you be out of reach for Telegram crypto scams. 

Do your research: Do not join just any crypto community to see on telegram; always DYOR. Some crypto communities are created for scam purposes. With the internet, you can get any information you need easily. Make it a habit to first research anything that has to do with cryptocurrency before taking part in the process.

Do not give out vital information: No genuine crypto community will ask for your personal wallet or account information as a criterion for gaining access to its tokens. Your authentication codes or OTPs are for you alone. Giving out such information always ends badly.

Be mindful of the links you click: Scammers can use different methods to gain access to your vital information. Do not click just any link, do intense research first to find out more about the company sharing the link.

Anything can happen in the crypto space, so it is advisable to always stay be alert when in the space. Many assets have been lost to telegram crypto and other platform scams; always be on the lookout for crypto scammers. Losing investments, whether huge or small, can be devastating. Secure your investment by ensuring that you avoid falling victim to all these. How do you do that? 

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Do your own research. 

  • Keep your personal account information to yourself. 
  • Be sure of the links you click. 

Telegram has become a playground for crypto scammers; stick to the above tips for your assets to remain protected. 

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