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Theta Wallet - A Guide

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Theta is an established and fast-growing cryptocurrency. Theta wallet is the official wallet operated by the Theta project and used to interact with the Theta blockchain.

The web wallet can log into an existing wallet, or users can create a new one. Users with an existing wallet would have to unlock it from an encrypted Keystore file, mnemonic phrase, or private key.

Creating a new Theta wallet

Theta recommends that if you do need to create a wallet, you should do so offline. As soon as you reach the wallet website, put off your data connection or switch on your airplane mode. Use the "create wallet" button to begin.

Then, you must download the encrypted Keystore file and create a password for your wallet. The encrypted Keystore file you just downloaded is what you would use to unlock your wallet each time you need to access it.

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Mnemonic/seed phrase and private key

Next is copying out the mnemonic/seed phrase and private key and storing them securely. This is because it is the only data you need to recover your Theta wallet should your Keystore file or wallet password be lost.

It is also advised to store these details safely offline and not online or in any cloud storage. After following these steps, you can connect your device to the internet and unlock your new wallet.

How to connect an existing Theta wallet

To connect an existing wallet, you must upload your pre-downloaded Keystore file or enter your mnemonic phrase or private key. If you must upload your Keystore file, it is recommended that you go offline before uploading it.

Once the wallet is unlocked, you will get a message indicating that it is safe to connect to the internet and go to the wallet. Now that you are in your wallet, you can check your THETA and TFUEL token balance. You can also send and receive tokens right from your dashboard.

The Theta Docs page gives more insight and details the functionality of the wallet.

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