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Tokeny and Ownera to Enhance Token Liquidity

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Tokeny Solutions is a digital asset tokenisation firm based in Luxembourg. Recently, it has revealed its partnership with a network, Ownera, that provides global inter-trading services through FinP2P protocol. The combined forces are working on an initiative to boost liquidity and make capital more accessible.

Moreover, the two firms will be working closely with the regulated institutions to provide a secure gateway to the network users. It will give them access to numerous virtual asset networks all around the globe. With this initiative, Ownera’s FinP2P network will also get access to a broader investor base.

Why did Tokeny integrate Ownera?

Tokeny stated some of the reasons for this integration in a press release. It pointed out that accessibility to tokenised assets and their institutional adoption is still not mainstream. That's why there needs to be a solution that could bridge this gap. For this reason, the open-source FinP2P protocol of Ownera can be ideal. It can set up an ecosystem through which swift trading of tokens from any blockchain is possible.

This protocol also can maintain a digital ledger, which will provide transparency. The network can cover all three major parts, including:

  1. The primary issuance of a token.

  2. The secondary trading of the tokens.

  3. On-spot asset lending against a collateralised asset like on any other DeFi platform.

Building an ecosystem like this one will allow tokenised asset distribution even to the private markets. It can also unlock liquidity at a global level, which cannot be attained by a single platform.

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Thoughts from Tokeny’s Chief Strategy Officer

The CSO of Tokeny, Daniel Coheur, has shared his views on this benchmark partnership. He stated, "Tokenisation is the first step to unlocking the full potential of assets using blockchain technology." He said integrating assets into a blockchain can make management efficient and reduce costs. Besides, he mentioned that on this network, compliance is ensured at the initial token level. This eliminates the barriers of interoperability and visibility, which, in turn, "maximise the asset liquidity".

Moreover, he alluded that with the integration of the FinP2P protocol, investors will have access to more distribution networks. They will also have the option of using tokenised assets as collaterals.

Views from Ownera’s Business Development and Marketing Head

Ownera’s Head of Business Development and Marketing, Anthony Woolley, has shared similar views. He maintained that many platforms often face the issue of using different blockchain technologies for accessing other asset pools and investors. However, their network can save them from this hassle as it provides "one secure point of connection to multiple digital asset networks across the globe".

He boasted that this network could offer better accessibility and higher liquidity. He further mentioned that any firm acquiring Tokeny Solutions will enjoy enhanced distribution power because of this integration.

About Tokeny Solutions

It is a firm that offers the services of building compliance-oriented architectures for digital asset firms. Its infrastructures allow the companies to manage tokenised assets in line with the set regulations and anti-money laundering laws. It allows smooth onboarding while ensuring the know-your-customer (KYC) procedure. All in all, with its solutions, virtual asset service providers can build completely decentralised and regulated infrastructures.

Tokeny Solutions is a well-recognised company in the industry. CB Insights ranks it as one of the top 50 blockchain firms, whereas KPMG ranks it among the top 100 FinTech start-ups.

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Author: Wasay Ali

Author: Wasay Ali

Wasay Ali is a versatile professional writer with global experience and a background in mechanical engineering and social science. He is adept at crafting news and informational content for the crypto space and has experience writing for other niches. He is a professional SEO content writer who has worked with several digital marketing agencies and clients in the US, UK, Pakistan, and Europe. He is a dedicated volunteer and enjoys reading, writing, poetry, and going to the gym. He is an INFJ-A personality type dedicated to positively impacting the world. Wasay has a passion for writing as it allows him to express his creativity, share his knowledge, and connect with people worldwide.


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